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10 Reasons to Switch to Wood Flooring

Wood flooring adds warmth to your room. There are many other reasons why you should switch all of the flooring in your house to wood. This flooring is one of the most popular options at Dallas Flooring Warehouse. Before you head out to buy flooring, go over these ten reasons why you should switch to wood.

1. Wood comes in an array of patterns and colors.

Finding the right wood floor for your home is easy, thanks to the many colors and patterns that it comes in. After all, there is more than one type of tree in the world, so why should all wood look the same? On top of that, you can always stain the wood to your exact color choice.

2. Wood is easy to clean.

Carpet tends to trap dirt and dust. Cleaning it requires the use of vacuums, steam cleaners, and more. You scrub tile to remove debris trapped in the grout. Wood is quite different. All that you need to clean a wood floor is a swivel mop and some cleaning spray.

3. Wood is environmentally-friendly.

This seems obvious since wood comes from trees. Did you know that the process of making concrete uses six times more pollutants than wood manufacturing? Or that brick is four times as bad as wood? Sure, the process of slicing down trees and making planks seems dirty, but it isn’t.

4. Redecorating is easy.

If you redecorate your house regularly, then you know what a pain it is to put in new carpeting and tile. With wood, you need to strip down the floors and stain them to match your décor.  The results look nicer and are much less expensive.

5. Wood doesn’t trap allergens.

Pollen and dust get trapped in carpeting, where they cause problems for people with asthma or allergies. Wood flooring doesn’t do this. Instead, those dust particles and bits of pollen sitting on top of the floor where they are wiped away.

6. Wood is a great investment.

A wood floor never depreciates. In fact, the older your wood floor gets, the better it looks. This type of floor attracts buyers.

wooden flooring

7. Wood is a renewal resource.

Every time a tree is chopped down for construction purposes, several more are planted. Yes, it does take time for them to grow to size, but trees aren’t going extinct anytime soon.

8. It’s very easy to refinish a wood floor.

Instead of replacing your scratched wood floors at Dallas Flooring Warehouse, you can refinish them instead. Strip off the original stain, buff out the cracks, and apply a new finish.

9. Wood floors are good for your joint health.

According to health experts, wood floors have more give than their tile and stone counterparts. As a result, your knees and back will feel better. Walking on a wood floor is very good for you.

10. Wood floors give back to the community.

Every time you purchase a new wood floor for your home, you help fund a logging community. This creates jobs.

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