3 Steps to Guarantee a Glowing Home Exterior During the Holidays

The months surrounding Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas go by so faster by the year. Sometimes it takes slowing down and changing the atmosphere around your home for you to savor the holiday spirit. Having a decorative interior is one thing, but having the exterior also exemplifying the holiday spirit is another task with its own dos and don’ts. Here are some ways to ensure the exterior of your home is glowing, festive, and shows the world just how ready you are for the holidays!

Make Sure The Outside of Your Home is in the Best Shape

This is the first step to having a yard you are ready to decorate. Make sure the plants, trees, and bushes are trimmed and in their best shape to hang lights and other decorations on. Complete this step before taking further action or your yard could feel cluttered and over-populated with holiday decoration. You want your yard to look festive and put-together, not overwhelming and drawing eyes for the wrong reasons.

Holiday decorations also can be an incentive to get that fresh coat of paint you have been putting off or to redo your windows and roof. Look into DIY plantation shutters in Brisbane or reasonable roofing companies in your area. Some home-owners tend to neglect areas of their home they don’t directly look at everyday, but some small changes can make a complete difference. Even something as small as pressure washing the outside of your house to clean it up can make a huge difference. Making these small investments in your home are the best way to keep it up-to-date and ready for further decorative festivities!

Get Creative With Lights

Lights are usually fixed in the Christmas decoration category, but there are lights that can be found that celebrate just about any holiday. Lights are a great way to show enthusiasm for the festive season.

When decorating, think about the color options for the holidays such as: red and green Christmas lights, white and blue, or multicolored lights. There are even options that can last throughout New Year’s Eve such as gold lights or twinkle lights. Get creative with more than just the color; try placing them creatively on your roof or hanging them from trees. Luminate the best parts of your yard with string lights.

Lights don’t have to just be for the Christmas season. There are loads of cute Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations that incorporate twinkling lights and make your home stand out from the others. Have some fun with every holiday when thinking of the decorating possibilities!

Be Careful When Picking Out Inflatable Land Ornaments Etc.

If you aren’t careful, this step of exterior decoration can go from festive to overwhelming at the drop of a hat. Your kids might be begging you to get “just one more” giant snowman, but this can leave your yard drowning in lawn decorations that will make it look cluttered. It’s okay to have a bit of fun with maybe a few fake reindeer on the roof, but draw the line when exterior decoration become excessive.

Some great lawn ornament ideas for Halloween are fake jack-o’-lanterns that have on-and-off switches for the fake candles. These are less of a fire hazard than the real deal, and your front porch will stay spooky during the nighttime. During Thanksgiving, maybe line cornucopias with lights to make the traditional Thanksgiving gourds glow, as well. These are just a few of the endless possibilities when looking for decorating ideas to make your home shine.

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