3 Useful Care Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains

Drainage systems have been in use since the Indus Valley Civilization invented it. Humans are so concerned about health and hygiene that they tend to give the drainage system and its efficient working a lot of importance. Also, with increased usage, there are going to be blockages. Blocked drain is the most commonly faced household problem and causes a real discomfort. With modern families having an advanced drainage system, drain blockages are advanced as well. Blocked drains not only result in a collapse of a home’s drainage system bust also cause problems like foul smelling water, nurturing of a lot of germs and diseases, and damage the drainage pipes as well if left unattended for a long time. So, taking due steps to avoid blocked drains is a must. But the tips to avoid getting a blocked drain remain as simple as ever. There are drains in every part of the house. So, according to the location of those drains, there are tricks to prevent blocked drains.

Take A Look At A Few Common Tips to Avoid Blockages:

  • Avoid hair accumulation on or around the drain.
  • Ensure there is no plant debris entering the drain. The decomposed debris can clog up the drain really bad.
  • Avoid washing grease or any fatty substances down the drain as these substances stick to the drain walls and clog it up.
  • Never – I repeat never dispose of toiletries down the drain. This is reported to be the cause of most of the blocked drains.

Now, according to the drain locations, here are some care tips to avoid getting a blocked drain:

#1. Outdoor Drains:

The main cause of blockage in outdoor drains is due to a build-up of dried up leaves, tree roots, soil debris, and other such pieces of waste that find their way into the drain pipes and then create a barrier for the water flow. Also, there are several other impurities possibly entering the drain as it is located outdoors and is exposed to nature. You need to make sure that your drains are free of leaves, foliage, and all such garden waste. It is highly recommended that you clean the garden and the regions around the drain regularly to avoid this.

#2. Bathroom:

The bathroom is like a sink for all foreign products and hair. The hair humans shed while shampooing and bathing, are all directed towards the drain. These hair, with a lot of other greasy products, are capable of forming such huge clogs. It is amazing how such minute things like hair can eventually block the whole drain. Also, waste products like tampons, face wipes, cotton swabs, and all such waste block up the drains. So, clean the drain regularly and prevent accumulation of hair and do not dispose of sanitary products down the drain. Keep a waste basket in the washroom for all such products.

#3. Kitchen:

The kitchen has a lot of organic wastes. You need to constantly monitor what goes down the drains of your kitchen. Vegetable and fruit peels, fatty substances, food leftovers, scraps from dishes, grease and oil used in cooking, and all such products are huge causes of blocked drains. Never pour down grease down the drains. Try to dispose of it in a dustbin. If out of unavoidable circumstances, you need to pour it down the drain, follow the action by a blast of cold water. This will solidify the hot substances and wash it down the drain and prevent it from clogging up the drain.


All these three places have varying waste that is thrown down the drain and so all need different care to prevent blockage. Follow these tips and get prevent from blocked drains.

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