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4 Decoration Tips to Make a Room Look Amazing

Having your home look top notch is necessary if you want to create a good impression in the minds of the guests. This includes considering factors like the color of the walls, the sunlight in the rooms, the artwork on the wall and the overall lighting of the house. Below, we look at each of them in brief detail.

Neutral Color Walls

As far as possible, only use neutral colors like beige, grey, cream etc on the walls of the interiors. A home should make people feel welcome and comfortable. One thing that allows you to easily create that feeling is the color of the walls. And this is why neutral colors are recommended. If you use dark or very bright colors, there is a good chance that the home might give off a totally different vibe than the welcoming feel you had in mind. Plus, also make sure that the transition of colors from one room to another is smooth. Going from light yellow in one room to dark blue in another creates a sense of confusion and is a strict no-no when it comes to painting the interior rooms.

Let In The Sunshine

One of the easiest ways to add life to your rooms is to allow the sunshine in. So, open up the doors, push back the curtains and let the light stream in. If you have rooms that are completely insulated or have just a tiny window, you should consider restructuring it and adding more windows. Talk with a good interior designer and see what changes you can make to the rooms. You may have to spend some extra money on this one, but considering that you will be getting a brighter, airy room, this is actually a pretty good investment.

Hang Artwork

Want to make your rooms look great? Consider adding an artwork. You can easily change the mood of the room by using different artworks. For example, an abstract painting on a neutral colored wall can give off a sense of contemplation and serenity. On the other hand, a copy of Da Vinci or Raphael can add a classic, elegant feel to the room. Just make sure that the artwork is not too large that it covers the entire wall.

Layer The Lighting

A good way to add mood and depth to your rooms is to layer the lighting. This can be done by carefully positioning various ambient, accent and task lights in such a way that all these lights overlap and create incredible lighting effects. Layered lighting is one of the cheapest ways to add character to the rooms, without spending too much on paint jobs, artworks and so on.

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