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4 Ways to Remove a Stump

Whether you are professional landscaping or are just trying to clean up your yard, stump removal is necessary at times. Tree stump removal can be performed in a variety of methods depending on the tools and materials available. There are four main removal methods which are: chemical removal, removal using a stump grinder, manual removal, and removal using fire

Chemical Removal

Chemical removal of a tree stump works by causing the dead stump to rot and decompose at an increased rate. There are a wide variety of chemical mixtures that can be used, most of which use potassium nitrate. These chemicals can be found at most home garden centers. In order to apply the chemical to the tree stump, holes must be drilled within the stump itself using a large diameter drill bit. Holes should be drilled around the side of the stump at a downward angle. Additionally, holes should be drilled from the top of the stump, and those holes should intersect with the holes drilled along the side of the stump. The holes that can be filled with the chemical and water will need to be added as well. While drilling and applying the chemical, wear gloves and safety glasses to ensure complete safety. After a few weeks, the stump should begin to break down and become soft. Once the stump is fairly soft, and ax can be used to be apart from the stump.

Removal Using a Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is generally used by landscaping companies that need to remove stumps on a regular basis. It can also be rented for personal use but isn’t really worth the cost unless a person has multiple stumps that need to be taken care of. The grinder works by using a blade that cuts away at the stump, cutting it into small pieces. It works quite quickly but can be more expensive than other methods of removal. If you are using a stump grinder, use the proper personal protective equipment to ensure your safety.

Manual Removal

Manual remove works best when removing stumps that aren’t very large in size. Dig a circular trench around the stump that is deep enough to expose of the majority of the roots that are branching out from the tree. Once the roots have been exposed, use an ax to sever the roots from the stump. After cutting the roots, use a shovel to dig around the stump, and pry the stump out of the dirt.

Removal Using Fire

Another way to remove stumps is to burn them. This method will require holes to be drilled into the stump in the same way that they need to be drilled when using chemical removal. Instead of filling the holes with chemicals, fill them with lighter fluid. Make sure that there aren’t any dead branches or brush that are overhanging the stump. Allow the fluid to soak into the tree for several days, up to a week. After the fluid has settled into the tree, light each individual hole using a match. The stump will likely burn and smolder for several days. If any stump remains after it has been burned out, it can usually be removed using a shovel.

Overall, there are many different approaches that can be taken when attempting to remove a stump. Depending on your budget, the number of stumps you have to remove, and the amount of time you have, certain options will be more suitable for you.

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