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5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger and Better

Living room, as the name suggests, is the most occupied space in our houses. It is the main focus of any house. A messy, cluttered living room speaks volumes about your inept house-keeping skills and gives it an unwelcoming vibe. I have compiled a few cheap hacks that can do wonders to your living space in no time.

Use Light Colors

It is a good idea to avoid dark shades in busy places. A light color scheme looks and feels right. That does not mean you have to get rid of every piece of dark colored fabric in your living room, it just means you need to tone it down a bit. Maybe mix and match until you actually save enough money to buy a new couch or rug. For the time being, you can easily get a few light colored cushions from the local store in your area to give a whole new, fresh feeling to your living room.

Add a Mirror

Mirrors have been known to make small spaces seem bigger since ages. They give illusion of a bigger place almost immediately. The bigger the mirror the better. You might have to sacrifice one of the walls in your living room for this but it will be worth it. You can add a nice frame and give your living room the ultimate finish it had been yearning for years. Here are some ideas.

Keep it Tidy

While putting your all efforts, it is crucial to keep your living room neat and tidy. Be minimalistic when deciding on your decor and furniture; trust me, less is more. If you have to add big furniture items, make sure you utilize the corners and spread your couches as far as possible to give you more floor space.


Flowers are ideal to give a warm feeling to your living room. I recommend checking out for new ideas. However, it is never a good idea to go over-board with the vases; one beautiful vase matching with your interior and some freshly picked flowers can do wonders to any room anywhere.

Choose the Correct Lighting

Lighting plays a huge impact on how you perceive things around you. A perfectly decorated room can go unnoticed if your lighting isn’t precise. Your living room should invite in the natural light, which means your curtains should be enough to let a good amount of sunlight enter into the living space. If you are willing to spend money, you can invest in wooden blinds to give your space a better look. A pair of table lamps is all you need as the sun goes down.

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