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5 Of The Latest Kitchen Design Trends

Any kitchen is a special place for the homeowner. Kitchens aren’t just a place to chop vegetables or dash off a quick breakfast on the way to work. They’re a place to show off the homeowner’s personality and make it easy to cook meals for the people they love. When it comes to creating a kitchen for the modern era, designers have done their bit and stepped forward. They are experimenting with varied textures, innovative backsplashes, bold color accents and luxury touches of all kinds. Here are some of the freshest trends in the world of modern kitchen trends.

Gray is The Color of The Moment

When it comes to designing a kitchen, color takes center stage. Color sets the tone for the entire room. One recent color that’s garnered a lot of attention from designers everywhere is grey. Grey has much to recommend it in the kitchen. It’s warm but not too bright, making it fade gracefully into the woodwork. Grey is also a functional color that hides dirt and makes it easy to clean appliances and other surfaces with ease. Many designers love grey because it’s a neutral shade that goes well with everything else in the kitchen. They’re creating grey appliances that have a muted look that makes the kitchen feel like a retreat from the rest of the home. Grey blends in well with other kinds of materials used in the kitchen including wood flooring and tiles. It’s easier than ever to catch this trend and use it in any new kitchen design plan. Make it the centerpiece with warm grey countertops that make other choices like marble and granite pop even better. It’s not only of the moment but a color that will continue to be popular for many years to come.

Statement Seating For Everyone

The kitchen isn’t just a place to make meals. Today’s kitchens are truly the heart and hearth of the home. Many homeowners want kitchens that let them invite guests inside and have a relaxing afternoon preparing meals together. They want a kitchen that makes it easy to create gourmet meals in front of friends and family. This is why designers are increasingly looking for ways to bring people inside the kitchen. They want to provide them with a place to watch as others cook and then take their turn making the perfect scrambled eggs and bringing pasta al dente. This is why seating has become one detail that designers take into full account when creating a fabulous kitchen. Seating means places that look terrific and yet are comfortable for every member of the family. Today’s homeowners can find lots of varied choices in kitchen seating. Stools that have comfortable backs are very much in. These are stools that allow the viewer a perfect perch from which to see the entire kitchen and yet also allow them to relax and sample the food. Leather backs are being combined with wood detail for a look that is totally modern.

The Bold Backsplash

Many homeowners are looking to make a statement in the kitchen and the statement they want to make is bold and fashion forward. They want kitchens that will immediately capture the eye and say fun. One area of the kitchen that says just that is the backsplash. No longer plain and white, today’s designers are increasingly bringing out the patterns and lots of bright and wonderful colors. Anyone who is planning any kind of kitchen redesign will want to think carefully about this area of their kitchen. This is where they can show off their personality and bring something entirely unique to the space. It’s easier than ever to find lots of fascinating choices including patterns that draw from nature. A fabulous backsplash with a herringbone pattern brings a sense of movement to any kitchen of any size. Many designers like to use this area to mirror the pattern on the floor. For example, elegant floor tiles work equally well as flooring and as a backsplash. The result is an elegant kitchen that gives off a coherent feel from the floor to the ceiling.

Old World Elegance is Back Again

Homeowners today are looking for luxury. They want kitchens that are full of luxurious materials that have craft and thought put into every single corner. They’re looking for kitchens with materials like marble, elegant woods and tiles with their own personalized patterns. They’re also looking for kitchens that fit in well with the rest of their home designs. Designers have risen to the challenge with upscale kitchens that say elegance at every turn. Hand crafted cabinets made of wood like alder and maple are very much in style today. The look is about the details. Carved elements made from wood show off delicate lines and pleasing details. Many are taking their inspiration from the English countryside and the classic country house kitchen. The new kitchen of today has modern appliances but also sinks made of marble and lots of glass to show off the homeowner’s silver and china.

Metallic Fun

Metallic is back again and it’s back in the kitchen. The use of metallic accents helps to warm up any space and give it lots of zing. Designers are using metallic in many areas. Warm metals like bronze make an excellent item to use as handles for the kitchen drawers. They can stand out against darker colors like black and brown and provide an interesting detail. Metallic lighting is also very much in favor today. A pleasing series of overhead lights look even better when encased in modern metal shades. Many designers love adding mirrors to the kitchen to bring in more light and help open up the entire space. Mirrors set in a metallic frame spray painted gold add flair with little expense. The metallic accents are ideal when paired with today’s contemporary stainless steel appliances. The two tones add plenty of glow and exude a modern vibe.

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