5 Reasons to Tile Your Property

Are you currently questioning whether to opt for laminate over floor tiles? Perhaps you are not convinced that tiling your whole bathroom is the best option?

In fact though, tiling your property, particularly your kitchen and bathroom, is a straight-forward way of increasing your home’s value and ensures it looks aesthetically pleasing!

Tiles may be a more expensive option when it comes to decorating your home, however, here are 5 reasons to tile your property:

1. Long-lasting

Tiles are durable. They are set to last many years and, although floor tiles, for example, are more expensive than laminate flooring options, the fact that they will last almost double the length of time is, no doubt, a huge advantage and may actually save you money in the long run.

2. Practical

Tiles are incredibly practical, particularly when fitted in bathrooms and kitchens. Most tiles are water-resistant, and any stains or spillages can be cleaned off them easily. Bathrooms that are fully tiled tend to look better than those with tiles simply around the bath or shower, as walls show damp more quickly and will need re-decorating sooner.

3. Stylish

Tiles look great! They offer a clean, sophisticated look in both contemporary and traditional properties and can be bought in various colours, patterns and types.

The fact that tiles look so stylish and can be bought in various options make them a popular option with various homeowners, however, each property’s tiling has a sense of individuality about it!

4. Different uses!

Tiles can be applied to different areas of the home. They can be fitted both indoors and outdoors, as well as on various floors and on the walls.

You can have underfloor heating under some floor tiles, you can also vary the tiles in each room. You may want to opt for different floor tiles to the wall tiles in the kitchen, for example.

5. Easy to apply

Tiles are easy to apply, particularly when you opt for high-quality tiles and research how to apply them correctly.

It is also recommended to hire a professional tiler, where possible, who can ensure your tile application is as hassle-free as possible.

If you are applying the tiles yourself though, don’t panic! There are plenty of guides focused on how to tile walls and floors, with hints and tips on how to make your tiling project as efficient and effective as possible.

Set to tile?

Planning is a great first step when it comes to your tiling project. First of all, decide what tiles you need and prepare the room ready. Make sure you measure up correctly and you’re onto a winning project!

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