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5 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are many ways to make the air in your room cleaner and breathable. In modern time with modern industry, we have more and more pollution. Pollution that is outside but as well inside our homes. The air around us is getting polluted every day, and with new politics, our homes will not get cleaner soon enough unless we start to clean them. We need to keep our house clean from pollutants and bad air that industry is spreading all over the globe. But how to do that?

1. Clean Your Home Regularly

Sounds simple to do but it is really not that simple. You should clean your house every other day because dust is collected on the ground every day. Every time we have a visit, or we come home from the work we bring new dust and other pollutants into our home.

Because of that, we need to clean floors regularly, and we need to use a big floor mat at the entrance to our home so visitors can clean shoe dirt before they come into a house. The best way would be if they leave their shoes at the door, but sometimes this can be awkward.

2. Regulate Humidity Levels

Humidity in our home can be hard to control. In winter time air in the room is too dry and at summer time there is too much moisture in the air. High levels of humidity are ideal for dust mites and mold. Mold will grow in your home if you don’t regulate the humidity levels. Mold spores are one of the worst allergens that make many people suffer from various allergic reactions.

At winter time when we use a radiator to heat our home, we are making the air in the room dry. Dry air is terrible, and it helps viruses to grow. That why we have so many virus infections in the winter time. To fight the dry air you need to increase humidity level by vaporizing water in the air, this can be done by simply using a device for raising humidity or by putting a wet rag on the radiator.

3. Use Air Purifier

Best way to clean air in the house is to use an air purifier. It is so simple that you won’t need to be bothered again with the quality of the air in your room. Just turn your air purifier on, and the air will get clean.

With mobile air purifier, you can keep air in your whole house fresh and clean. Just move the air purifier from one room to other. There is no better way of cleaning the air in the room than using a high-quality air purifier. The best air purifier is one that has the true HEPA filter.

4. Some Plants Can Increase Quality of The Air

If you place some plants in your room, the quality of the air may raise. Some plants are even capable of removing toxins like formaldehyde and other hazardous chemicals. And not only the plants will remove toxins, but they will also produce oxygen for your room.

Here is a list of some plants that may increase air quality in the room:

  • Bamboo Palm
  • Dracaena
  • Ficus
  • Golden Pothos
  • Peace Lily
  • Spider Plant
  • Garden Mum
  • Aloe Vera

There are many more plants that can increase air quality in the room, but ones mentioned above are well known, and many people already use them in their homes. Many of them don’t even know that these plants are reducing air pollution.

5. Opening Windows

Last but not the least important way to increase air quality is to regularly open windows of your room. Not only you will make the air more breathable, but also you will increase oxygen levels in the room.

Opening windows regularly is the easiest and first thing you should do to keep the clean air in the room. But be careful if you live near industry zone, then the air outside may be even more polluted than the air inside. Also if you use an air purifier, it is advisable to keep the windows closed while air purifier is working.


Whatever way you choose to make air quality high in your house you should know that respiratory problems in humans are rising and the number one factor for this trend is polluted air. If we can’t keep outside air clean, maybe we can keep inside air clean.

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