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6 Reasons Why an Urban Pod Could be For You

When it comes to creating some additional space, there are several different methods to achieve this. Some may consider an extension, whereas others may feel a garden shed is more appropriate.

However, the need for respite and additional space has led to the birth of innovative and cost-affordable solutions that can fit in with any décor.

Urban pods could be dismissed as nothing more than a trend, but the truth is that these pods have unleashed a series of benefits for homeowners and can be used in several different ways.

www.urbanpods.co.uk has stated that the introduction of garden pods has allows homeowners to add additional space without having to move or pay for costly extensions.

What Are Urban Pods?

Urban pods are essentially small buildings that sit separate from the rest of the property. However, they shouldn’t be compared to other forms of additional space, such as conservatories or garden sheds.

Conservatories and garden sheds by their nature are often limited when deciding how to use the space. For example, a conservatory is not the ideal space for storage, nor is the garden shed suitable for catching some respite.

Urban pods can be used for the following. It should be noted that the following uses is merely an overview of what benefits and uses can be achieved by purchasing an urban pod.

1. A Dedicated Workspace

garden office

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a dedicated office, or somewhere to ignite your artistic side, an urban pod can be the ideal solution. As well as allowing light in, there is enough space to set up a bespoke workstation.

What’s more, dealing with a professional company means that you can create a more bespoke pod, which includes plug sockets and a water supply. This ensures that you can dedicate your time to your work, as opposed to going back into the property to charge devices and make refreshments.

2.The Perfect Summer House

Summer is a time when many of us will take advantage of the garden often in the guise of barbecues. However, British weather can often rain on the parade, at least until now.

Rain can come and go, but having a urban pod nearby means that even if there is some rain, or people are looking to step out of the heat, there’s somewhere nearby that won’t ruin the momentum of the gathering.

3. Children’s Play Area


Children love to play in the garden during the warmer months, but as the colder seasons draw in, there can often be a case where children aren’t able to enjoy the garden as much due to a drop in temperature.

The use of an urban pod can make for the ideal playroom for children. As you will determine the size of the pod, a playroom can be designed for one child or several.

An urban pod offers the same comfort of rooms indoors but ensures that children can play while adults concentrate on the housework.

You can decorate the inside of an urban pod, so injecting some personality into the same shouldn’t be too difficult.

What’s more, being able to include plug sockets means that children are also able to enjoy their favourite tv shows and video games.

4. Space for Friends and Family Staying Over

There’s nothing better than catching up with friends and family, and it’s not uncommon for us to invite people to stay over when enjoying ourselves. However, the use of fold up beds and blow up mattresses can be time-consuming, not to mention uncomfortable.

The use of an urban pod is the ideal solution for those looking for a comfortable space where friends and family can rest up. As the pod is separate from the rest of the property, it also ensures that privacy and quiet times is possible when it’s needed. This can be extremely beneficial for those who may have small children.

5. Your Own Personal Recording Studio

More and more budding musicians are making their living from home due to the amount of equipment available, but if there’s constant and interruption from telephones, it stands to reason that musicians soon lose momentum when trying to record at home.

The use of an urban pod not only allows for musicians to truly explore their craft but means they’re able to get ideas recorded without being interrupted.

As those who purchase a urban pod are able to tailor it to suit their needs, not only can musicians set up a dedicated studio, but they can also add some soundproofing.

6. A Dedicated Gaming Space

There was once a time when gaming would consist of kneeling down in front of a televisions screen, but the gaming world is more advanced these days.

Those who are fans of several consoles or wish to use a gaming PC soon find that space can become an issue in conventional homes, which is where the use of urban pods becomes beneficial.

Even choosing the smallest of urban pods can means that you have more than enough space for your current setup. OF course, if you’re looking to add to your collection, simply opt for a larger solution.

Finding the Right Urban Pod

When looking for the perfect urban pod, the quality of the finished product is the most important aspect. Of course, you should never pay more than you need to for an urban pod, but it’s just as important you don’t overlook value in favour of a cheap price.

Cheaper products may be unsafe and may not be as robust as the professional offerings available. It’s also important to note that other solutions can be limited, whereas the use of an urban pod can be implemented in several different ways.

Before deciding on which company to use, it can be useful to determine what options are available, how long the build will take and what the overall cost will be. Dealing with a professional will ensure that the urban pod is one that can be enjoyed for the long-term, without costing a small fortune.

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