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6 Things To Consider When Purchasing Floor Cleaning Equipment For Your Home

To keep the floors of your home in top condition, they need to be cleaned regularly. And the quality of cleaning is determined by how good the cleaning equipment is. If you are considering purchasing new floor cleaning equipment for your home, then the below tips should help you find the best one.

Surface Type

One of the major considerations while purchasing a floor cleaning equipment will be the surface type. If your home has many surfaces, then you may have to purchase different machines to ensure that they are cleaned properly. For example, an equipment used to clean a tiled floor may not be as effective in cleaning a carpeted floor. Having said that, there are multi-purpose floor cleaners available in the market. So, check them out before spending money on multiple equipment.

Power Source

The next thing to take into account is the power source of the equipment. You can go with the traditional wired machines. But if your rooms are large, then you will have a problem with ensuring that the cleaner reaches all corners of the room. Plus, if you have children in the house, there is also a risk that they might trip over the wires. A good way to avoid such issues is to buy a battery powered cleaner. Just ensure that the battery has enough life so that it allows you to use the equipment for long periods of time. Plus, check out the energy efficiency rating to choose an equipment that consumes the least electricity.

Cleaning Time

Many cleaning equipment will show the floor area performance in their technical detail report. Make sure that you check it out. It basically represents how much of the floor area can be cleaned by the machine in an hour. The higher the number, the better it is since you will be able to finish the cleaning process in less time.


If you plan on using the cleaning equipment continuously for long durations, then you have to consider the ergonomics of the machines. They must be easy to hold onto and move. Plus, ensure that the handles on the equipment are long enough that you don’t have to bend forward to clasp your hands onto them. Instead, you should be able to stand and walk straight while holding the handle. This will ensure that you don’t develop any back pains or other bodily discomforts.

Frequency Of Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning also needs to be taken into account. If you will be using the cleaners every single day, then you should look for a durable machine that can handle the daily tasks, and still serve you for many years.


Floor cleaning equipment can make a lot of noise. As such, if you are someone who does not like loud noises, then you should definitely check the noise levels of the cleaning machines. Make sure that you operate and check their noise while inspecting them at the store.

If you need more information on deciding which floor cleaning equipment to buy, check out Helpful Habitat. The website contains numerous buying guides for cleaning equipment that will help you in deciding a machine which suits your needs and budget.

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