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7 formal wedding dresses to suit any budget

Weddings are wonderful occasions. Everyone loves seeing two people unite in marital bliss. If you’ve been invited to a wedding, you’ll want to find the right kind of Luv Bridal BrisbaneFormal Dresses so you can celebrate in style and toast the happy couple. When looking for possibilities, you’ll find many wonderful options to suit any budget. Think about the style of the wedding as well as the kind of dress you like best. It’s easier than ever to locate a dress for the wedding that you can use for the wedding and for many formal occasions to come. Truly beautiful details like prints, color, length and using materials like lace will make you look fabulous in the wedding pictures.

Beach Style

Beaches make the ideal location for a wedding. If you’ve been invited to a beach wedding, you might want to find a dress that’s easy to wear but still has the formality just right for a wedding. Think about the kind of fabric that can stand up to heavy use and has the floaty, airy feel that says a happy day at the beach. Choices like chiffon and crepe will keep you cool at the beach and drape wonderfully at the same time. Look for details that are easy to manage so you’re not tripping on the sand. Pairing the dress with a low heel and some understated jewelry are good choices for this venue.

Cascade of Flowers

Flowers are a commonly used theme in many weddings. Flowers symbolize renewal and life. Soft, silky and pretty, flowers are also an ideal theme for a wedding guest dress on a budget. If you are looking for wedding guest dresses on a budget, look for a basic floral print. A soft, understated spread of flowers across the bodice instantly says formal occasion. Think about the time and season of the wedding. A dress with a bolder print is right for an afternoon wedding while a dress with a more dainty flower pattern works well for an evening event.

Dressy Separates

Dressy separates are another option many women find easy to use on a budget. For example, use a basic top or basic blouse and then pair with something special. A velvet top in a color like pink can be used with a classic black skirt for a look that’s still very formal. The same is true of blouses that have embroidered detailing. A beaded top can be used with an understated skirt. A long silk skirt can be used with a white turtleneck and look fabulous. All it takes is a bit of unexpected and the look is transformed from office casual to something that’s just right for any wedding.

Long Formal Gown

Long, formal gowns are the ideal thing to wear to an upscale wedding. If you are trying to find one that won’t break the bank, look for gowns that aren’t as intricate or made by an up and coming designer rather than a more established name. Consider fabrics like jersey or cotton that aren’t as pricey. They still look just as good as a dress in a more formal fabric. Keep a longer length and then accessorize with gusto. Bring in a less expensive statement necklace that brushes the waist. Pump it up with a handbag in velvet with lots of sparkly details. Put on a pair of pumps in deep black with a shiny ribbon and you’ll look terrific.

Ombre Effect

Ombre is a term that means a gradual shading process from light to dark. This process can be applied to a dress to bring it lots of style and flair. Ombre color is a wonderful way to add something special to any guest dress without the need to spend a lot of money. Think about shades that work well with the bride’s chosen colors. For example, if she’s aiming for pink, a dress that goes from red at the bottom to palest pink at the top is a good choice. This kind of color pattern flatters many complexions and adds a touch of something interesting to any otherwise ordinary dress. This makes it ideal for use at a wedding.

Sheath Dress

The classic sheath is always in style and always looks good. Sheath dresses say formality but also allow for many varied interpretations that won’t require the buyer to spend a lot of cash for the look they like best. For a wedding, the possible sheath dress options are endless. Think about the kind of dress that drapes nicely across from shoulders to mid calf. A sheath dress is the right choice for the woman who wants to be the center of attention but doesn’t want to draw attention from the bride. For a wedding in a garden or other outdoor location, look for sheath dresses that have patterns. A printed pattern in many varied colors can help enhance any figure. For a wedding later in the day, solid colors like red make a true style statement that fits in well with the overall theme of the formal event. Choose jewelry that also hugs the body. A choker and thin golden bracelet are ideal.

Touch of Lace

Lace always says the event is out of the ordinary. As this is a fabric that many brides choose, it’s best to stay away from white lace. Instead, look for lace dresses in dark, elegant colors like plum and navy blue. Lace can be used anywhere to add something formal. Lacy sleeves are right for a wedding ceremony location where guests are often asked to adhere to a more formal dress codes. A lacy bodice can look equally formal when set against a standard dress. Swirls of lace against the side or down the back also add just a bit of a formal touch to any guest’s ensemble. Use with a purse with a lace overlay and sleek shoes and you’re good to go now.

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