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7 Gift Ideas for an Awesome Baby Shower

When buying a gift for a baby shower, you want it to be something special that will both remind the family of you and serve a true purpose in their household. Anyone can find gifts off of a registry, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that; however, a unique and unexpected gift is always so much fun and that much more memorable.

Here are seven ideas for gifts that will bring joy to any parent-to-be. Be sure to consider the family that you are buying for and what they would like. There is nothing wrong with checking in with the family to see what they may already have or to find out if there is a theme for the nursery.

When you give a gift from the heart, you can’t go wrong, so have fun picking out something fabulous for the sweet new bundle of joy.

1. Decorative Quilts for Babys

Quilts are a perfect gift. There is something that feels very traditional about a quilt; they are not only beautiful but practical. When you want to give a quilt, you have many options to consider. If you are crafty, you may want to make it yourself, though quilts are often a large undertaking. You can also buy one online or consider looking into local artisans for a more personalized touch. You may even be able to commission a local quilter to create a design with the recipient in mind.

2. Custom Art Work

Often nurseries start as a blank slate. There is so much prep to do before the baby comes that sometimes décor can fall to the wayside. If you are shopping for parents who might find themselves in that kind of situation, then one very helpful gift is beautiful themed art work for the nursery. You can find gorgeous custom pieces on sites like Etsy, or you can check out your local vendor or children’s store for other options. If you have something specific in mind, you could even try you own hand at it or commission a local artist or artistic friend. Some cute ideas would be to include classic nursery rhymes or songs or to incorporate the nursery’s theme.

3. Special Interest Children’s Book

If you know the parents well and have a good sense of what they like, it can be fun to include children’s books that go with their hobbies and interests. For example, if the mother or father is into science or math, you could get them “baby” versions of physics or chemistry books. There are children’s books now that are simplified versions of classic literature for the bibliophile, or, if your recipient is multilingual, you could give them some books in their second (or third or fourth) language. With new books being made all the time, there are many options that span a wide range of topics.

4. A Collection of Wisdom

A very thoughtful and touching gift for any parent to be is to compile a book of letters, notes, and pieces of wisdom from trusted friends and family. Secretly get in touch with people important to the parent and ask them to contribute something that you can then weave together with others’ pieces to create a very special anthology. You can either present these notes and letters loose in an envelope or create a special book out of this gift of words. A thoughtful word can mean so much, and a gift like this is perfect for the person in your life who values words.

5. Commemorative Gift for Mom and/or Dad

Although the baby is the star of the show, getting a gift that is just for the parent can be a nice way to mix it up. Often overlooked at showers, moms and dads go through a lot before, during, and after the arrival of the baby, so why not shower them with a little love, too? Some good options for parent-centric gifts include cozy clothes for those late nights, relaxation supplies, or jewelry featuring the birthstone of the new baby (if this can be confidently predicted). A special something just for mom or dad can really lift the spirits and increase their excitement not just about having a baby but about becoming a parent.

6. Crocheted Critters

Cute, cuddly, and a fantastic option if you are looking for a stuffed animal gift, crocheted critters are rising in popularity. Handmade crocheted animals are a solid alternative to traditional teddy bears, whose hard plastic eyes can be a choking hazard. Often boasting natural fibrous yarns and no plastic parts at all, crocheted stuffed toys are safe, cozy, and memorable. With so many options to choose from, try to select an animal that is special to you or is perhaps unique to where you are from so that the baby has a special piece of you with them.

7. Baby Journal

The baby journal has been a new parent must-have for a long time, and for good reason. Those first few days, weeks, and months fly by at a rapid clip, and if you don’t take the time to write things down, they may be gone forever. Although a classic gift, there are many new versions and options to choose from that are making the record-keeping process easier on moms and dads. Choose a journal that offers lots of prompts to make record keeping easier, and be sure to pick one that includes places to add photos along the way. With a baby journal, you are not just giving a gift for now, but for a lifetime.

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