9 easy upcycled lighting ideas

Do you want to get into upcycling but need some ideas? Try these simple lighting projects using old household items.

Retro microphones

These old-school microphones, spotted in the Hard Rock Café Brussels, have been converted to music-themed light fittings.

Old kitchen utensils

Old cheese graters and colanders can be re-purposed to make great lamp shades, creating wonderful patterns of light & shadow.


If you’re feeling patient, you can do what this Pinterest user did and carefully cut and drill some old globes.


Going back to the music theme, you can give an old drum kit a new lease of live by turning the snare drum into a cool lampshade.


If you have a skateboarder in your life, try using an old deck to make a wall mounted-light fitting.

Glass bottles

Be sure to experiment with different colours.

Cups and saucers

Pick up some vintage cups and saucers from a charity shop and use them to make a unique light fitting.

A vintage wooden ladder

This one’s a little more difficult, but if you have the time and the DIY skills, you can turn an old wooden ladder into an impressive light fixture.

Old tin cans

These are extremely simple and look great — all you need is an old tin, some paint and some string.

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