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The Benefits of an Air Purifier – Why it’s a must to own one

With the deterioration in air quality globally, concerns have been raised universally about the quality of air that we are breathing in. Environmentalists the world over are expressing alarm over the rise of unwanted particulate matter in the air and the rise of allergic symptoms and other breathing related ailments among the general population. Children have been the worst sufferers. Modern technology and manufacturers like Honeywell and Oreck have brought about a revolution in air quality control. Environmental microbiologist Ted Myatt from the University of Rhode Island believes there are enormous benefits over a prolonged period when you use an air purifier at home. At least, as he says, you breathe clean air!

Effects of deteriorating air quality

While doctors are yet to announce doomsday predictions, there is a consensus among the medical fraternity that visits the doctor with allergic symptoms have been steadily on the rise. And, they do relate this to the quality of air that you breathe, that’s full of allergens in the form of mold and pollen count in the environment.

People are increasingly complaining about sneezing bouts, watery eyes, running noses, itchy skins, and sinus. Whether it be the grass outside or the dust that your carpet attracts, the slow fatality that allergens in the air are inflicting on human bodies is beyond debate. Dust mites that feed off the dust in the house and the moisture in the air are known to trigger asthma and even eczema.

Things you could do to avoid allergens

Alan Szeftel, a doctor himself, in an article in opines that one of the main causes of allergy has been the modern lifestyle that we have adopted. He goes on to say that common air pollutants are immensely hazardous to adults and children with asthma. The air-conditioning systems at homes are probably one of the worst offenders. But, you can’t help but have that in your home. It has become an essential part of city life. The best, therefore, is to look at what you could do to prevent recurrent bouts of allergic infections.

There are some natural habits that you should adopt to reduce or avoid getting affected form allergens in the air. For one, if feasible, it is better to avoid a carpeted home and instead use natural flooring. It’s easier to keep clean and avoids dirt settling. Changing your clothes when you return home from outside and having a warm bath are good practices that doctors suggest everyone accommodates in their daily regimen.

Dr. Elizabeth Matsui, who is the chairwoman of a committee studying the effects of air pollution and indoor allergens, says that pollens and dust quickly settle down and are not airborne for a long time. Hence, carpets are best avoided and primary measures like wearing specs, changing clothes, keeping pets outside of your home, and bathing is the primary measures to avoid falling prey to allergens.

Your second line of defense

Well, after a time, OTC medicines like Claritin that are quite frequently used by those suffering from allergic bouts, refuse to be effective. The allergy keeps recurring every spring! You dread experiencing a bout of apparently unstoppable series of sneezes when in the subway or at your office. Air purifiers could possibly be your second, effective line of defense. Allergens are everywhere, whether in your home or the outdoors. are plagued by allergies and you’ve done all you can to reduce the allergens in your home, an air filter just might help you. Till recently and probably even now, air purifiers for the home are quite costly. However, with advances in technology, prices have come down. You could read information about lower cost air purifiers to help with allergy online.

The way the air purifiers work is by simply helping get rid of the pollutants, the odors, and the allergens from the indoor air. They definitely do not remove all impurities, but they do help remove microscopic dust, which manual cleaning wouldn’t have removed. In addition, these devices help scrub off mold spores and other particles. They also have fans that help recycle the air and provide you a continuous flow of air that’s free of the dreaded allergens.

As Dr. Myatt says, air purifiers have helped those who suffer from asthmatic symptoms and their use has reduced doctor visits of people who suffer from asthma. He also goes on to say that for people who suffer from allergy, prolonged use of air purifiers would benefit them. Short-term results shouldn’t be expected but are helpful, especially if you are using filters that use UV-C light technology, HEPA filters, or ionic filtration systems. There are a lot many models and the best is to consult the dealer or to read up and compare models online to find the one that most suits your environment.

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