What Can You Do as An Owner of An Apartment If You Are Unhappy with Your Current Body Corporate Managers?

Often, you’ll hear apartment owners complain about how the decisions made by certain individuals in their strata community has made them unhappy. The individual making decisions could be a body corporate manager or chairperson of the committee.

You may want to know what you can do as an owner of an apartment if you’re unhappy with your current body corporate managers. If that is indeed the case, all you got to do is read on.

Firstly, you should not feel powerless if you’re unhappy with your current body corporate managers. The strata community is made by you, the apartment owners. So, you, the apartment owners get to make the decisions for the community. A committee is elected by all apartment owners at an annual general meeting run by the body corporate managers.

Generally, body corporate managers are required to perform specific administrative tasks to ensure the administration of the Community Title Scheme in accordance with legislation such as the Body Corporate and Community Management act 1997. Ensuring the effective management of the scheme in accordance with wishes of all apartment owners is the primary interest of businesses like Mayfield body corporate managers.

Now, you may be wondering how you can ensure that the body corporate managers you select will work in the best interest of the apartment owners. While nothing is guaranteed, you can increase your chances of choosing body corporate managers that work in your interest by considering the following things:

Choose Someone Who’s Familiar with The State Legislation

Every state is unique with unique laws and legislations. For instance, the regulation applicable to body corporate managers in Victoria are slightly different from the laws that body corporate managers need to abide by in the other states. So, the first thing step in picking a body corporate manager that’ll work in your best interest is looking for corporate managers with detailed knowledge of the regulations of the state you’re based in.

The Body Corporate Manager Should Have Knowledge of The Area

It is important that your body corporate manager understands the unique challenges faced by your city well. Every city faces unique challenges that won’t be a concern in other cities of Australia. For this reason, choosing a body corporate manager that has knowledge of your area is crucial.

Choose Someone with Experience

Compared to a novice, an experienced body corporate manager is better equipped to resolve the pending issues. Since they’ve been exposed to most problems before, experienced corporate managers are likely to find a solution to a problem immediately. So, by choosing someone with experience and proven results, you’ll be able to save valuable time.


If you’re unhappy with your current corporate body managers, you shouldn’t waste any time to replace them. Choose corporation managers that take the stress out of your property and make your life easy.

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