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Common Washing Machine Problems

We often tend to take washing machines for granted, don’t we? Even though we use them at least every week, often several times a day, we just expect them to keep working fine. However, occasionally things do go wrong and so here’s a guide to common washing problems that may help you IF something goes wrong.

My washing machine won’t drain

A simple yet common problem, and it usually means that your drain hose needs extending and ‘running out’.  You may need to move your washing machine, then unfurl the drain hose and allow it to drain. However, if this does not work, it seems too much trouble, or you’d rather leave it to the experts, any decent washing machine repair company should be able to help.

Noisy washing machines

If your washing machine seems noisy, it could be the bearings have failed, or something is stuck in the drain pump or drum. Whilst this may sound easy or simple to check or perhaps fix, it’s often better to seek professional help.

My washing machine is bouncing and vibrating!

This would depend if it is something that has just started happening, or maybe also happened and is worsening. It is likely down to a poor quality installation, and may need re-installing or repositioning, which is often best done by the experts.

The washing machine drum doesn’t seem to want to turn

Unfortunately, this is likely only solved by a skilled washing machine repair company or maintenance technician. It could likely be the belt, motor, worn-out bushes or even the motor controller.

The washing machine won’t spin?

The first thing to check here is your washing load, as it could perhaps be too small. The washing machine sensor may be detecting a slight load, and will not allow your machine to start spinning to avoid the risk of vibrating erratically. Likewise, over-loading also prevents spinning, so good load management is the solution. Otherwise, if under- or over-loading is NOT the culprit, best to call in a repair company to look at the washing machine.

How to find a good washing machine repair fast

Whilst you may need your repair fast, it’s worth spending a little time checking any potential service company fits some important criteria, such as :-

  • Ensure the work is guarantee (often a one year minimum on repairs and parts)
  • Does not charge extra for same or next day callouts (as it could prove more expensive than the actual repair!)
  • Responsive service, such as 6 days a week
  • Local trusted tradesman
  • No additional fees (such as congestion, parking, callouts etc.)

If you’re in the London area, a reputable washing machine repair company such as Repair Aid fulfils all the above criteria, and covers all makes and models of washing machines also.

Bookings can be made online, or over the phone, so what are you waiting for? Get your washing machine checked out and repaired today!


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    We pay £5 a month for washing machine cover – best money we’ve ever spent!

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