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Why a Composite Door is the Right Choice for Your Home

When it comes to adding the finishing touching to your home, many aren’t as important as the front door you choose. In terms of the overall exterior of your property, your door says a huge amount about the style of your property and a front door can either finish your home off perfectly or leave it lacking something slightly.

The reason a front door is such a vital component of your property is because there are so many styles and designs to choose from. This bespoke appeal has been increased further in recent years with the popularity of composite doors which have continued to grow in reputation.

Rather than having to choose a model straight from a shop or catalogue, the custom nature of composite doors now mean they can be uniquely designed depending on the style of the rest of your home, from the colour of the frame through to the types of suite you choose for the handle and additional features.

This quick guide will look to run through why composite doors are now the first choice for so many homeowners, starting by looking at how they’re different from other types of door available.

What are Composite Doors?

There are a number of reasons why composite doors are now the number one choice when it comes to completing any property, as already outlined above, the bespoke nature of this type of door is a huge fit with homeowners looking to find something that matches their exact tastes, however this isn’t the only benefit. The way composite doors are manufactured and the fact they’re made from various materials, all selected for their beneficial properties also makes composite doors such a good choice.

Composite doors take the best elements from different door types and roll them into one package. This allows composite doors to eradicate flaws found in other doors made of singular material such as timber or uPVC.

Composite doors are usually manufactured with an outer frame comprising of PVCu sitting above a composite PVC sub-frame, both contained by a hardwood inner frame. Extra security layers are also added as well as a foam core and the exact details are too boring to go into now but these materials all combine to ensure secure and attractive doors, all of which can be finished in a bespoke style.

Now if enough advantages haven’t been listed already this round up is going to highlight further reasons why composite doors are an excellent addition to your property:

  • Bespoke Design – The unique design of composite doors mean nearly every element of the door can be customised to your exact needs. This means you can find composite door styles that are perfect for your tastes and the overall look of your property.
  • Extra Secure – In comparison to other types of front doors, composite doors are far sturdier, with their solid frame and blended materials meaning they can withstand excess force both from intruders and natural elements.
  • Long Lasting – Composite doors have the longest lifespan of any door type currently available, the main reason for this is already covered with the way they’re manufactured guaranteeing a solid and well-built door.


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