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What are the costs associated with Home Renovation in Singapore?

The real estate industry in Singapore can be very expensive and the costs associated with owning a home in the island can be significantly high as well. So are the costs of renovating a home on the island of Singapore just as high? What are some of the expenses or costs you can expect if you are looking to remodel? There are various reasons people in Singapore choose to renovate their houses or homes. Some of these reasons include the following.

  • The customer owns a house or home and is looking to improve its value, look, interior design and other aspects that determine its quality
  • They have bought another person’s home and now want to make it their own

Whichever the reason, it is always wise to know the costs of such a project within Singapore so that you can plan ahead.

There are various costs that a homeowner has to consider before bringing in renovation contractor to start on the work. Some of these have to do with the demolition costs, electrical, plumbing, tiling and flooring costs, paint, appliance and carpentry among other costs. The following table is a summary of the estimated costs of renovation activity identified here.


Renovation Activity Costs ($)
Demolition 5000
Electrical 4500
Plumbing 1000
Tiling and Flooring 12,000
Painting 1500
Appliance 8000
Carpentry 25,000


These are just estimated costs of some of the most important renovation work. It is essential to note that these expenses are based on the industry costs and that they might slightly vary depending on the Singapore renovation contractor. Furthermore, the costs associated with renovation in Singapore might decrease or increase depending on the material the contractor, and the home owner decides to use.

The homeowner can save on some of these costs by using cheaper materials that are available in Singapore. For example, the renovation contractor can use vinyl in the place of granite in such areas as the bathroom and laminate rather than marble to save on costs. If the expenses of renovation are still high, the homeowner should consider all the raw materials in use and determine whether any cheaper alternatives can be utilized.


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