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How to decorate your home in a perfect traditional English style

Decorating a new home can be an uphill struggle, there are many things to do and many choices to make. If you are a vintage lover and you aren’t sure how to get started, here are some ideas. To begin with, before you buy, be sure that the site is what you are looking for, you can find houses in UK that are exactly your style and that fit your character and personality.

The houses in the traditional English style are characterized by an elegant and classic atmosphere, natural materials such as wood and leather, and British furniture with curved lines. The rustic but classy style also works perfectly well, especially with darkened wood.

Brown is the dominant colour in these dwellings, from mahogany to lighter browns and pastel tones. Also noteworthy is the use of wallpapers, with vegetal prints or dark stripes. If the house has wooden beams, they can stay visible, with a natural sheen. There shouldn’t be shortage of paintings with wooden frames, flower vases, mirrors, porcelain accessories and antiques. Cushions, curtains, carpets, bedspreads and fabrics are usually decorated with floral patterns. Some typical elements for the living rooms are the Chester armchair or the Chesterfield couch, as well as the velvet upholstered furniture.

For kitchens, pastel tones are very common on the walls. These rooms should be rustic and elegant at the same time, with extensive use of wood for wardrobes and accessories. The color touches can be given by the ornaments (flowers, some pictures, decorative elements in general). Open cupboards where the crockery stands out are an interesting detail.

The bedrooms can be furnished with antique and classic objects that are in line with the style. Once again, pastel colours will be predominant and the bed is the main character. It could have a large wooden headboard, and the textile elements would bring glamour to the room. Something that can look very nice are the paintings of different sizes to decorate the space, and even some tapestry.

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