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Decorating Tips For Small Spaced Homes

Moving into a new home can be exciting and perhaps what makes it even more exciting is the fact that it’s your very own space and you can decorate it whatever style you want. The problem with small living spaces is that you are somehow restricted. So how then can you maximise a small living space? Here are a few tips on how to do just that and give the illusion of a much bigger space.

Decorate Your Living Room With Mirrors

Interior designers often make use of mirrors when decorating small spaces to make the room look and feel larger. You can either place it at the center to make focal point or across a window so it will reflect a nice view. You can also strategically place it to reflect a light source such as a lamp or a candle.

Go For Neutral Colors

Choosing neutral colors for your home including your ceiling, your floor and your walls can make the room look lighter and larger. It’s also important that you choose lighter colored upholstery for your furniture. Beiges and off-white are generally chosen to widen a space. So if you are contemplating about repainting the walls of your new home, think about light colors instead of dark ones.

Choose Lightweight Furniture Pieces

When shopping for furniture items it is very important that you choose lightweight ones because if you choose bulky furniture it’s going to occupy a huge space in your home. When choosing furniture think about the design, the color and more importantly choose the right size. For colors, instead of darker tones, choose light colors and avoid boxy furniture. And instead of wooden tables, choose glass to give more visual space in your home.

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