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Design Elements: How to Create Sound in the Garden

When it comes to decorating our gardens we often forget the role of sound. It’s not that sound is not present, but we most essentially don’t notice it. Few examples of sound are the gurgling water, rustling wind and the chirping birds. Sound adds a soothing and refreshing effect to the garden. It makes the garden all the more pleasant. Wildlife, water and wind all bring life to your garden. Below are a few ways in which you can add sound to your garden.

Sound of Water

The sound of moving water is indeed calm and soothing. You can create this in your garden by adding a recirculating fountain. It is not as tough as it seems. You can tuck the fountain in the garden or even keep it on a patio. Some waterfalls require electricity for functioning whereas others run on solar power.

You should check for the sound of the waterfall before getting it installed. Each sound varies and you should check all the options before finalizing one. The decor of your waterfall is also important while buying it. You can choose it depending on the size of your garden. Elaborate waterfalls might need the help of professionals for installation.

Bringing sound through wildlife

Your outdoor space is a personal zone for you to relax and unwind. You can make it even more pleasing by curating it yourself. The sound of nature is mesmerizing which is why people love exploring the wilderness. Chirping birds, rustling wind and nature. You can bring the same bliss to your garden as well. All that you have to do is to imitate nature.

You can add a bird bath in your garden that can attract the birds. The sound of birds is surely cheerful! Growing plants that will attract the birds is also a good idea. Moreover, you can consider having birds as pets in your garden. Build a beautiful cage for them to stay. This will not only contribute to the sound but will also add an aesthetic appeal to your garden.

You may build a small water pool in your garden that can have frogs and toads in it. Fill it up with some plants to make it ideal for the frogs to stay. You can savour the sound of frogs playing around in the water. It requires really less work and all that you will have to do is to get the setting right.

You can attract frogs better if you put some floating stones where they can sit and hop. The buzzing bees and insects can also contribute to the sound of your garden. What you need are some flowers that are rich in nectar to draw them in. It feels euphoric when your own garden is full of natural sound. It is a perfect space for you to introspect or get some solitude from your busy life.


The natural sound of rustling leaves is a great contributor of sound in your garden. You can plant trees of your choice and let nature do its work. With the blowing wind, these plants can produce a calming sound. You can create a beautiful ambience for yourself away from all the pollution and buzz of the city.

Bamboo trees are well known for producing sound. When the wind flow is high, the sound gradually increases. Another plant that you can buy is Nigella damascene, the seeds of which will beautifully rattle in the wind. You will end up adding a natural touch to your garden.

Wind Chimes

Buying a wind chime is a great way of adding sound to your garden. They are easily available and you can put it in your garden to sway away beautifully. The wind in the outdoors is always blowing and you can listen to the soothing symphony of wind chimes. However, you should compare the various wind chimes available in the market before you buy one.

Look for the sound they create and you can judge whether it is a pleasant sound or a noisy one. Some wind chimes do create really high pitch sound that might not be easy on the ears. While making the pick, you should look for the appearance of the wind chime. Go for something that makes your garden look beautiful and sounds great.

The material of the wind chime also determines the sound that they produce. There are options in the market that range from very soft sounding to the ones that are alarming. What you buy will also depend on where exactly you want to place it. If it is towards the door of your house then go for soft ones.

However, if you are planning on placing it amidst all the plants or in the middle of the garden, then you can buy high-pitched wind chimes. To avoid disturbing your neighbours, you can use soundproof fences. This will enable you to enjoy your garden while keeping it sane enough for your neighbours.

Your impact

Your own impact highly contributes to the sound in your garden. You can create a sound just by strolling around in your garden. For instance, the crunch of gravel under your feet and the movement of dried leaves while you walk. If you want to increase the sound, you can plant even more trees that will shed their leaves and branches.

Just by walking over them you can create sound. Moreover, when the wind blows, it surely triggers everything to create an amazing sound. The leaves start to rustle, the wind chime creates beautiful sound and your garden produces a symphony.

Thus, there are various ways using which you can create sound in your garden. Each aspect has its own beauty and you can also contribute to the sound in your garden. You can take resort in the heavenly place after a long day of work. It could be the designated place where you can simply sit and enjoy.

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