Designing a Backyard that Will Look Beautiful Year-Round

Most people start to think about landscape and designing their yard during the spring or summer. We often think about spring flowers and summer trees. But what about the over half of the year? Not everyone lives in a perpetual spring or summer. Most yards experience fall and winter. Even with all four seasons, you can design your yard to look beautiful year-round.

Leaves or No Leaves?

To many people, fall means falling leaves. Whether or not this is a happy association or not might depend on if you are the one having to rake up the leaves or not. Personally, I’ve never had to rake up fall leaves, so to me, the falling leaves of autumn are gorgeous. I don’t mind leaves covering a backyard, I think they look fun and even pretty. But to other people, these leaves could be a serious source of annoyance.

There are two ways you can go about handling fall leaves. You could choose to embrace or avoid the leaves. If you love the golden and red tones of fall, plant trees and bushes that will turn these vibrant colors. If leaves on the ground simply look messy to you, plant evergreen trees and bushes that won’t leave behind unwanted fall visitors. It’s okay to go with either look. Incorporating any tree or bush into your yard will give it a more polished and beautiful look. Trees and bushes look good year-round. Evergreens will maintain a beautiful green color no matter the season, and plants that lose their leaves will still look lovely in the winter, especially if they get coated in snow.

Water Features

Water features are probably not the first thing you think about when trying to design a backyard that looks good year-round, but a tasteful fountain can add some elegance to your yard at any time of year. Obviously, during the spring and summer, the fountain can run like normal, look pretty, and provide some natural water sounds which are relaxing to listen to. During the fall, the fountain might be able to run, or, if it is too cold, the empty fountain can stand as a decoration on its own. Fountains can still be beautiful even without running water. For the winter, a snowy fountain can add shape and beauty to the backyard. When choosing a fountain, try to picture how it will look both with water and without. If it looks good both ways, you’ve found a fountain that can help you achieve a beautiful year-round backyard.

Seasonal Decor

Plants and natural landscape are the biggest way to make a backyard beautiful. Focus most of your time and money on utilizing natural plants to beautify your yard. Consult with experts, like, to find out which plants will grow best in your location and what areas of your yard. But also remember that man-made seasonal decorations can be a great way to help your yard look beautiful year-round. Pin-wheels and lattices can be a fun addition during the spring and summer. During the fall, you could use hay bails, scarecrows, pumpkins, and tree stumps to create an autumnal look. During the winter it is harder to utilize man-made decor because snow can cover or damage these decorations. But, snow itself can make any yard beautiful. A snow-covered yard looks clean and calm.

Plants, water features, and seasonal decor are all things you should think about and use to help your yard look its best at any time during the year.

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