Are electric fireplaces realistic?

Are Electric Modern Fireplaces Realistic Enough?

One of the hottest trends right now are electric fireplaces. You get to feel the convenient heat from the firebox as it reaches to all parts of the room, without the extra workout of maintaining a steady supply of wood or the demanding upkeep after use.

However, as promising as these modern fireplaces may sound, many are left to question how realistic they could be. The simple answer: Yes! Electric fireplaces are real.

In fact, a great many of these fireplaces feature realistic-looking flames that have been designed to simulate the charming appeal of robust crackling flames you often experience from traditional wood-burning ones. Innovative and technological advances have opened up new horizons for optical techniques, creating some of the most authentic-looking fires in the market.

So when you’re shopping for the perfect electric fireplace to add to your household, below is a checklist to help you decide which realistic-looking firebox fits your home.

The Flame’s Intensity

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Most modern fireplaces offer flame adjustment technology where you can just as easily adjust the flame’s intensity using a remote control. How convenient would it be controlling the burning flame and the glow of its embers from the comfort of your bed, couch or the cosy floor rug.

Additionally, you also have control over the backlighting and the ember bed lighting so you get a customisable fire display. Plus, if you prefer, there are some models featuring multi-coloured flames, for an increased realistic appeal.

The Flame’s Progress

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Although this is an automated feature, find one that you can control flame’s progress, which often starts slow and then gradually grows into a stunning display of visually alluring fire. With a push of the remote or a flip of the switch, you will have control of how the fire progresses and then enjoy the upgraded charming 3D flames. Others in fact feature high-quality log set, which are almost realistic-looking.

The Log Sets

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As mentioned above, there are several units that feature log sets that simulate real fire. Some of these log sets have been moulded from real firewood so they don’t appear to look like false logs. With the burning embers, these logs also glow, mimicking the impressive burning effect.

LED Lighting

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Used in most of today’s electric fireplaces are LED lights, which help to continually drive the envelope of innovation by improving visual performance of these modern-day marvels.

LED lighting features light control. Set the time for the lights to flicker or, with random refraction, produce a flame effect that easily appeals to you. Some electric units offer homeowners the ability to change the colour of the flames, with the push of a button.

The best part of using LED lights is you can use it for a good number of years with virtually no maintenance, with the additional bonus of being highly energy efficient.

Versatility in Design

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Electric units can also act as the focal point, whether in the bedroom, the living room, kitchen or even the bathroom. Its versatility when it comes to design affords you an almost endless choices of styles, from the traditional, rustic look to the contemporary chic.

There’s a fireplace that will complement the beauty of your home.

Summing up

Manufacturers are more than invested in designing and producing modern fireplaces that feature realistic-looking flames with unique, out of this world designs. Electric fireplaces do combine all the best features you’re looking for without the hassle of upkeep.


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