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Four Important Questions To Ask When Choosing a Home Inspector

Finding a Great Home Inspector is important to make sure that the home of your dreams really is just as wonderful as you think it is. Today, many home buyers do not rely on their own impression of a home. They conduct a general home inspection as a part of their real estate purchasing process. Usually, their agent suggests an inspector, and they usually only refer quality inspectors to their clients. However, you sometimes run into home inspectors that aren’t as thorough as they should be.

Unfortunately, not all home inspectors will inspect that perfect three -bedroom, two bath house that you stumbled upon to your satisfaction. It could be hiding some serious problems. In order to ensure that you get the most qualified professional, here are 4 important Questions that you should ask yourself when choosing a home inspector:

1. Do you want to hire an inspector who performs repairs or just home inspections?

Many homebuyers seek the advice of a general contractor instead of a home inspector. This is because they believe that contractors can easily identify problems around the house and recommend the right solutions. However, this is a mistake because general contractors provide expertise from a different point of view. They make money by performing repairs.

While a contractor comes from a repair standpoint, a home inspector checks if the right appliances are included in the home or whether the right roof was used when building. If you require the services of both professionals, it is advisable to first conduct and inspection and then bring in a contractor for the work. Home Inspectors are going to be unbiased and unlikely to suggest unnecessary repairs.

2. When will the home be inspected and how long will it take?

Hiring a good home inspector can be a challenging process on its own. Inspectors find things that cannot be easily seen. While an inspection may not reveal any mold problems under your shower tile, it will ensure that your roof, basement, and attic are up to standard. And if you are afraid of mold problems, most inspectors offer mold testing as an added service.

Usually, a home inspection takes two to three hours to perform. However, it may take longer if you are dealing with a large home. The inspection should take longer if there are more rooms and appliances than your last home purchase. Don’t hire someone who promises to finish the job in less than an hour. You want thoroughness and accuracy. If an inspector seems rushed, you might want a 2nd opinion.

3. Is the inspection insured?

Human being is are prone to errors. Therefore, do not be surprised in a highly qualified and well-reviewed inspector makes a mistake. Try to work with an inspector who has Errors and Omissions Insurance. This is a cover policy that allows for reimbursement in case any errors are made or important information about the inspection is not included in the report. Find out if there is any sort of guarantee, and how viable it will be. It is important to note that many companies ask you to sign a waiver that limits the company’s liability to the cost of the inspection. But many companies also offer insurance as a service to homebuyers like you.

4. Can you attend the inspection?

It is important to work with someone who will walk you through the process, literally. Schedule your inspection when you have time away from work and other responsibilities. Be a hands-on homebuyer and don’t leave all the work to the professional. If you choose to attend the home inspection, you can communicate clearly with the inspector and take time to understand the real state of your home. As you may not know much about the house, you will certainly need an expert opinion.

When Finding a Great Home Inspector, cost should be the least of your considerations. If you cut corners and hire the cheapest inspector, you may not get good results from the process. A home is often the most expensive purchase you will make. Don’t leave it to chance. Choose a competent and highly reputable home inspector and, you will not be disappointed.

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