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How to Get the Best Loft Conversion in South London

Living in South London certainly has its perks, yet many homeowners struggle for space. One great way to take to utilise space in your home better is by going for a loft conversion. These offer a great way to increase space in your home and when done correctly the results can be truly impressive – you could end up adding significant value to your home!

Of course, finding a reliable company or tradesmen to complete a loft conversion in South London is easier said than done. While there are many great businesses that will complete the conversion to the highest standards, there are others that are best avoided.

Check out the guide below for how to get the best loft conversion in South London:

Ask around for local recommendations

Should you know someone living in South London that enjoyed a successful loft conversion, be sure to ask for a recommendation. This could be a friend or family member or even just a friendly neighbour.

If don’t know anyone with a converted loft, why not walk around your neighbourhood to see if any neighbours’ properties have them or are undergoing construction? Should that not yield any results, online reviews for local businesses is a good place to start. Reviews here are usually honest and reliable, so may help find a good loft conversion company in South London.

Always ask for references and portfolios

Once you have a few candidates for the work, be sure to request references and a portfolio of previous work. This is great for finding out about their standard of work and whether they have completed similar work to what you need.

Don’t worry if the tradesman or company can’t provide this information – it’s a clear sign they should be avoided at all costs!

Portfolios are important as they offer an indicator of the quality of work and what type of conversions they offer. A good contractor should be able to talk you through the various design aspects in their portfolio, including how viable it is for your home, expected costs, required planning permission etc.

Make sure they offer a guarantee of work

Any company working on your loft conversion should offer a guarantee of work. This basically means they will complete any kind of repairs necessary within a set period (e.g. ten years) due to poor workmanship without charging extra.

It ensures you are protected from any unreliable construction, which very important given the high costs of converting your loft. The last thing you want is for the work to be so poor that repairs are needed soon after the work is finished, so always make sure they include a guarantee of work.

They will help plan and guide the conversion

A loft conversion in South London will be a huge undertaking. It’s a large financial investment on your part, and the work required to complete a conversion is much more complex than more other home renovations.

Certain loft conversions won’t be available in some homes, while others simply aren’t suited and won’t make the most of the space. A reliable company should be able to help you choose what conversion designs are best suited for your home.

Should you not have an idea of the type of space you want, they should be able to offer recommendations based on your current space and budget. Look for a contractor that will walk you through your loft and offer an in-depth plan for a conversion – it’s a sign they have the knowledge and experience you want!

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