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A Guide To The Vox Wall Panel Range

What is Vox wall panelling?

Vox wall panelling provides a more than effective alternative to wallpapering, painting and laborious tiling. It is the ultimate DIY solution! Vox wall panelling is constructed of PVC, it’s simple to apply, robust and stunning!

The effects created by these innovative Vox panels are incredibly diverse; from stonewall and brick to wood panelling and tile or granite effects.

Why should I choose Vox panelling as opposed to tiles etc?

For starters, the Vox wall panel range is sold by the square meter, just line it up and lay it on! Imagines how many fiddly tiles you’d have to painstakingly fit to cover the same meterage!

Furthermore, it’s certainly a lot less time consuming and easier to f it than wallpaper, AND carries much more impact.

As for painting, well that’s messy and you’ll never get those edges straight! Anyway, painting is ‘sooo yesterday’.

Is it water proof?

Yes, absolutely, and unlike tiling there are far, far fewer edges to fill. Just imagine, a smooth sheet with no vulnerable grout packed gaps. Vox panels provide an imaginative, low maintenance solution for every room in your house, that’ll include the garage and ‘man shed’.

Can Vox be used outdoors?

Vox panels are so robust that they can be used for outdoor projects; to, for example, emulate brickwork.

Specialist built panels are available for a whole range of outdoor challenges; and, they look wonderful. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and most reliable.

No matter what project you currently have in mind, always check out the Vox option. This could prove to be the gateway to fulfilment of your expectations, and the path to a problem solved.

Is the product fire-proof?

Bearing in mind recent tragic events, this is a question that requires a definitive no nonsense answer.

The answer is, categorically ‘Yes’!

Vox panels are, when it comes to homes, designed for indoor use, often in kitchens and confined spaces. The material meets strict fire safety standards. It is extremely resistant to heat, indeed it’s very, very difficult to ignite, even with a direct heat source. Its lack of combustibility means it is extremely unlikely to encourage the spread fire.

Buy with confidence!

Where can I view and buy Vox panels?

There are many online businesses offering to sell this popular Vox range of panels. It’s really not so much a question of where to find a supplier but who it’s best to buy from.

The first criteria for a reliable supplier is a good track record.

  1. Has the company been in business for a number of years?
  2. Has it a well-established sales and returns policies?
  3. Is their website informative and easy to navigate?
  4. Is there a helpline ‘manned’ by knowledgeable and helpful staff?
  5. Do they stock and display a wide range of options?

These are the little things that’ll set your impression of a company.

There’s one company that ticks all the boxes; don’t waste your life surfing! Visit the excellent The Panel Company website now for greater detail and unsurpassed service!

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