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Heated Towel Racks and Radiators for your Bathroom

Heated towel racks and radiators have grown to become essential components within a modern day bathroom. Available in a wide array of different shapes and sizes, heated towel racks sport many different designs, with some luxury options featuring the very latest technologies, and others concentrating on a practical, economical performance. Considering the diversity of the range of heated towel racks and radiators on the market, you can be confident of finding one perfectly suited to your preferences and requirements, well matched to any style of bathroom.

Heated Towel Racks and Radiators for your Bathroom

Either gas or electricity can be used to power heated towel racks, though neither expend a large amount of energy. As such, they represent a far more economical solution in comparison with a home heating system. Heated towel racks or rails are very efficient in keeping the room warm and drying the body, and are available in a selection of stylish finishes including brass, chrome and stainless steel.

Radiators and heated towel racks are supplied in two main types; the gas-powered design is one of the most prominent, which an installation professional will connect direct to your central heating system. The alternative option is an electric heated towel rack or radiator, which features a simple power switch, and operates independently from your home heating system.

The latter type of radiators and heated towel racks tend to be the more popular choice, given that they negate the need for the home heating system to be in use – they can be used overnight without running up a large heating bill. That said, both kinds are equally as effective, with the choice ultimately coming down to personal preference. In some instances, you may need to opt for a particular style of heated towel rack or radiator dependent upon certain factors.

A heated towel rack can provide far more than comfort and convenience alone. Their presence in a bathroom can negate the presence of mould and mildew and so they are an essential purchase for anyone with allergies or sensitivity to these allergens. Furthermore, the use of towels that have rested on heated towel racks can improve blood circulation within the body and lower stress and anxiety levels. A number of cosmetic benefits are attached to the use of heated towel racks too, and that they provide an area to store and dry damp towels helps to reduce a build-up of bacteria that could potentially cause disease.

Having to wash your towel after every bath or shower is a tiresome, impractical and costly chore, and the use of heated towel racks offers a practical solution to the problem. Many people initially dismiss the idea of installing heated towel racks as they assume they are expensive to maintain and require plenty of power to operate. That view is misleading considering all the aforementioned points within this article. Heated towel racks also work far more efficiently and effectively than tumble driers.

Rather than dumping a wet towel directly into a drier, you can simply hang it on your heated towel rack or radiator to dry. You do however need to be careful with the installation of your chosen component, as the process can prove quite expensive or potentially harmful. As such, you should enlist the services of an experienced professional electrician with the necessary skills and expertise to complete the job properly. Ensure that your heated towel racks, rails or radiators come complete with a warranty before committing to your purchase.

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