How To Identify Different Types Of Wasps And Hornets

In the heat of summer, Toronto can become a playground for wasps, hornets, and bees. The abundance of garbage and other insects mean that there’s plenty of food for them to eat. They can quickly ruin your backyard or make your walk to the car in the morning a harrowing experience. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies to their stings, they can even become a life-threatening menace around you menace.

If you are having a problem with wasps around your home or business, you will need to find a wasp nest removal Toronto company. With the right information handy, you can get a more accurate quote and get your wasp infestation deal with faster. Toronto companies like Power Pest Control can even show up at your home for same-day wasp nest removal – just call in the morning and have the nest gone by evening. It often helps if you can identify the type of wasp or hornet that you are dealing with. You can use the following methods to identify them:

Observe the Appearance

One way that you can tell the type of wasp that you are dealing with is to pay attention to its color and appearance. For example, hornets are usually black with a little bit of white mixed into their bodies. Wasps, on the other hand, usually have yellow and black stripes, especially the yellow jacket variety.

Write Down the Nest Materials

The next thing that you will need to examine if you want to classify your wasp is the nest. Please be careful when you are examining the nest, and make sure you don’t get close enough to it that you risk getting hurt. Hornets are more likely to build their nests high up in tree branches and wasps are more likely to go closer to the ground, but they may do either. A Toronto pest control like Power Pest Control will also survey your property to find any other nests that you may have missed.

hornets nest

Area of Infestation

The area of infestation, its proximity to the house, and the other information, can give you a good idea of what type of insect that you are dealing with. That means that your pest control expert in Toronto will be better equipped to quickly remove the nest, and know what kind of pesticide to use. You should expect them to use chemicals that won’t have any harmful effects to your family afterward.

Write all the information that you gather on a piece of paper so that you know what to tell wasp nest removal Toronto company. Do not attempt to get rid of the wasp nest, it is a dangerous thing to do for yourself and anyone who may be living with you. Instead, contact a reliable wasp control company and let them know that you are having a problem with wasps. Specialists will come to your home and examine the area, then decide which strategy is the best one to rid you of your problem with the wasps. Finally, the specialist will remove the nest using the appropriate equipment and products that the company approved. Stop waiting around – bust that wasp nest and start enjoying your property again.

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