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Keep Your Home Looking Great With The Right Garage Door

If you’re choosing a new garage door for your home it’s worth bearing in mind the type of garage that you have and what you intend using it for.

Is your garage attached to your property?

You should really consider whether your garage is attached to your house as this can have a huge impact on heat loss. For rooms which back on to the garage or are above the garage, there can be a lot of heat loss if the garage door isn’t a good quality door which is well insulated. Laminate wood doors are also a great way of getting a wooden door look without the greater expense.

What is your Budget

The budget you have available is going to affect your choice of garage door and the quality that you can afford. Laminate wood doors are also a great way of getting a wooden door look without the greater expense. They’re also treated with a veneer so are really hard wearing for external garage doors which will be well used.

If you’re intent on choosing a wooden garage door, there are a range of less expensive options available. Softwoods such as pine are a cheaper option, but can be stained and treated to look as expensive and attractive as other more expensive hardwoods. Hardwoods are generally more expensive because they generally take longer to grow and are less readily available. Timber doors have quite a variation in prices and this is particularly true depending on the type of door mechanism you choose.

Door Mechanism

There are a range of different operating mechanisms for garage doors, side hinged, rolling. Regardless of the type of mechanism that you require, it is vital to ensure that the size of the door is correct and the door is well fitted otherwise the mechanism can be compromised and adjustments may have to be made. The choice of mechanism should take into account your level of usage and also the height of the garage ceiling If your ceiling is low, you may be best to choose a side hinged door which is beneficial because you only have to open one side of the door to enter or leave. You will also need to consider whether or not you require an electrically operating door which will affect the type of door mechanism you require as not all mechanisms are suitable for electronic operation. One of the most important things to bear in mind is the strength of the door which is vital if it is to be operated electronically.

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Obviously, security is an issue for all external garage doors. However, this is particularly so if your garage is attached to your property and has an internal door where you can gain access to your home. No garage door will be secure unless it is locked and the internal door kept locked, however, in addition to this there are other considerations. The vast majority of modern garage doors have solid security locks, however, the lock is only as good as the strength of the panel of the door itself. If the door is thin, it maybe, easy to cut through in order to gain access to the main lock. Double skinned sectional doors are the most secure type of doors you’ll find. These should have a level 1 security standard which is awarded by the LPCB. Timber doors are by their very nature heavier and more secure than stainless steel doors which can be easier to cut through if they are single skinned. Fitting an electric door opener can compromise security as you are relying on the electric locking mechanism. Adding a latch device can also add an extra layer of security to your door.

So there are many things to look at when purchasing that perfect garage door for your home, sometimes function is just as important as style.

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