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Kitchen Cabinets – Planning a Makeover?

The kitchen is the kingdom of every house wife so it demands the highest attention when you are building a new home or reconstructing the old one. This special area of your house must be bright, spacious, good for working and neat so that the whole atmosphere can keep mommy in a good mood to cook delicious food without feeling exhausted or bored. It is a good idea to give a change to your cabinets and kitchen walls once in a while to keep them in a good look and also the place from getting a monotonous outlook. Making over your kitchen cabinets, a bit to change their appearance will not cost you too much but it definitely needs some cool ideas to work upon if you want to start a cabinet makeover. Keep one thing in your mind that it is not a small project rather it is the most important decision at that time which you are making so be careful. Start only when you have some obvious plan and proper cost estimate. Also check market for the things you need for this project so that you can make it successfully done without leaving anything incomplete.

Here we have gathered some cool ideas for you to change your kitchen cabinets quite easily and quickly. You don’t need any professional person to do most of these ideas rather you can do it yourself at some weekend while keeping your kitchen operational.

Painting your Cabinets:

The easiest way to change the appearance of your kitchen in to paint your cabinets with semi-gloss paints if the wood is in good condition. You should check cabinets carefully if the bone is still strong, only the paint will give a new look to your cabinets. Make a good combination of colors and paint your kitchen walls and cabinets using some bright and stunning color or give a warm look using wood and orange combination. Make sure to check for cracks and loose handle so that you may fix them as well while painting the cabinets doors.

Task lighting is a good idea:


Another nice and modern makeover for your glass door cabinets is to add lights in the cabinets. It will do magic to your kitchen. Not only you can pick whatever you like efficiently but also it will add a glow to your kitchen. There is another hidden plus point of adding light to your cabinets that you become quite conscious while placing things because there is no chance to stuff it abruptly. Try to keep empty place and gaps while placing items, it makes your kitchen look spacious and cool.

Open cabinets:

Does your kitchen give a closed and packed look? You can change it by removing your cabinets doors. Specially the hanging cabinets over serving counter or coffee bar. Shelves look cool and these are operational as well. Make sure to paint them with bright color like chalk white or sunny yellow to add a nice touch to your kitchen. Open shelves let you do things in a snap and also you can use them for the things that you use more often like coffee mugs, ice-cream bowls, wine glasses, spices or extra bowls.


Add tinted or Cracked glass:

Another good idea is to replace your cabinets doors with glass doors. You can choose from colored, tinted, shaded or clear glass. The semi-clear glass gives an awesome look when you are installing light to your cabinets as well. If you are planning to change your cabinets completely, mind it that altering it while using glass will use only 20% of the money which you would be needing to replace them.

Adding chicken Net to Cabinets:

Another cool idea to get rid of your boring old and heavy looking cabinets door. You can just do the wonders with chicken wire. May be you should not install it yourself because it needs to cut open rectangular part in cabinets door to make it look like a frame and them fix some net in them. Take the doors to some carpenter and fix them back to your cabinets when ready. It will add a farmhouse look to your kitchen. You can paint your newly designed cabinets with bright blue shade and install super white counters for an appealing look.

Changing the Handles and knobs:

It is also a quick fix to your kitchen cabinets to replace old pull-off handles and knobs. You can check your local stores where you find all these fixtures for new and upgraded options. It is the lowest costing upgrade for your kitchen cabinets.

Adding Spice racks:

Can you spot a dull and boring wide space at the back of your cabinets and cupboards which gives an ugly look to your kitchen? I am sure that there is a space like this which you just, want to hide somewhere. We have a good idea for that dull back board. Paint it in a bright color which compliments your kitchen’s look and add steel or wooden spice racks to fill up that place. Those tiny bottles and jars will look far better than a dull looking board. It is up to you that which type of rack you want to install there as you can find many in your nearby market.

Under Cabinet Shelving:

Under cabinet shelving is literary very good when you want to organize lots of variety of your kitchen crockery. It is obviously difficult to place glasses and cups in a cabinet where you have placed a set of bowls or plates, after custom drawers, under cabinet shelving is another cool idea to adopt to keep things nicely and save them from getting damaged or cracked.

We have tried to share the ideas which are not highly costed. You can do them anytime when you want because you don’t have to wait for a big saving to accomplish these projects. Cabinets and custom drawer organizers are the main part of your kitchen because you cannot manage an operational kitchen with lots of space without them.


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