Know About These Beds Before Buying One for You

A bed provides you a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic life. Obviously, mattresses play an important role in giving you a good night’s sleep but the frame on which the mattress is kept matters too. So, you should choose a bed for you very carefully. There are huge varieties of beds available in the market that suits different room size and different interior decor. Choose the one that suits best for your room size, decor style, your taste, and needs.

Ottoman Bed – If you have lots of things and lesser storage space then ottoman bed can be your perfect bed. It is sort of big box to store things with stylish bed design. The entire area underneath the sleeping frame can be used to store your belongings. The frame is equipped with gas struts to hold the frame when you lift it up to use the storage space.

Platform Bed – If you do not have such shortage of storage space you can simply go for a platform bed to give your room a clean and light look. You can find a huge variation in the style, structure, and materials of platform beds. The platform bed is simply a raised surface meant to hold a mattress. If you are looking for a plain simple bed just to be used as a bed then go for it.

Cabin Bed – It can be seen as a blend of Ottoman and platform bed. If you don’t want your bed to look like a giant box but have some storage space, cabin bed is the right thing. When you own a cabin bed you can vacuum under the bed and can also store your belongings. Obviously, you cannot store as much as in Ottoman style, but, using the drawers of cabin bed is much easier.

Guest bed – If you often entertain guests for a night stay, a guest bed can be your best bet. The main feature of a guest bed is that it has a double layer of space for mattresses. The additional mattress can slide beneath the main frame when not in use. This means you’ll have two beds when you need and during the daytime, you can slide one bed under the other and arrange the bed to look like a cozy sofa.

Bunk bed – This is the best bed if you have two kids sleeping in same room. As the bunk style bed is designed especially for kids, you can find amazing verities and decorations. There’s often a ladder attached to the side of the bed to give direct access to the upper bed. Even if you have just one kid, investing in bunk bed would be good. You can let your kid play and mess one bed the whole day while the second bed can remain arranged and welcoming your child to have a good sleep.

Check for different varieties of furniture before settling for one because it is a long-term investment.


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