Looking After and Maintaining Your Garden Through the Summer

The summer months mean that there is a whole lot of hot weather on the way, or at least we hope so. Whilst a touch of sunshine means that you will be able to spend plenty of time outdoors, perhaps topping up your tan, it isn’t so great for your garden.
So, how do you make sure that you look after your garden no matter how hot it gets outside? Here are some of the best ways that you can look after and maintain your garden throughout the summer.

Garden when it is cooler

Some people love the heat, whilst others are not such big fans. It is a good idea to try and aim to garden when the temperate is a little cooler. This is mainly because it is nice and cool and you won’t overheat. Also, you will feel more inclined to get plenty of jobs done, rather than only getting half finished because you need to hide inside from the heat.

Keep up the water

Whilst it can seem that the summer is packed full of rainy days, this isn’t always the case. In fact, gardens, and some plants in particular are going to need a helping hand to make sure that they don’t get too dry during the warmer weather. There are some plants that are going to need more water than others, so make sure that you check on the soil to make sure that it isn’t completely dry, else you may end up with a bare garden.

Weeds, weeds, weeds


The summer heat can be a bit of an alarm call for your weeds. This means that not only will the little ones grow tall, but new ones will pop up too, in your flowerbeds, hedges and on your lawn. Weeds are a pest because they steal moisture and nutrients from the rest of the plants in your garden. They also cause you to perform a lot more lawn maintenance than you would normally, because they can also encourage diseases and pests too! The last thing you will want. It is a good idea to try and pull the weeds when they are nice and small, also, you will want to weed when the soil is moist rather than dry, as this can help removing them. The aim is to weed before they have the chance to seed as this will really cut down on the amount that you will see grow.

Plan some shady parts

New plants and seedlings need a spot of shade whilst they become accustomed to life in the garden. Not every garden is blessed with lots of shady places, which means that you may have to get creative. Why not plan in some shady parts in your garden? Not only will this protect your new plants, but it may also give you a place to escape when the sun gets too much.

Looking after your garden isn’t always easy in the summer months, particularly when there are plenty of other things to be getting on with, however, it is a good idea to try and keep it looking great no matter the season!

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