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Plumbing Problems Are Not Just a Winter Problem

Summer is a lovely time of year for several reasons, not least the weather, But an unexpected plumbing emergency can easily dampen the mood. we often don’t think of plumbing problems during the summer, expecting the issues to come about during the winter when were using our hot water and boilers more, but plumbing and gas breakdowns occur throughout the year. This guest post from a local plumber in Ormskirk, AR Johnson details precisely how to prepare for the unexpected.

With every season comes a plumbing problem

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets, a general plumbing problem which can happen in any season, and it’s not exactly a pleasant problem, for you, or the plumber. In a family home toilets getting blocked is likely to happen moreso during the summer time than in the winter given that the kids spend more time off school and the toilet sees more use than usual If this does occur, a simple plunger will probably be enough to clear the vast majority of blockages without the need for professional intervention. To prevent blocked toilets just keep an eye on the amount of paper used before flush, in particular when youngsters are using it.

Failed Pumps

Water pump failures happen all year round. The average home’s plumbing system will have at least a hot water pump, and some homes may have other pumps such as pressure boosters. A particularly nasty surprise can come at the very end of the summer, when you just start to need the heating again only to find that it fails immediately after being started up for the first time since the start of spring. Fortunately, it won’t generally be hard to source a replacement from a local plumbing company.

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is another problem that is fairly straightforward yet rather inconvenient, drain blockages pay no regard to the calendar in deciding when to happen. As with clogged toilets, a simple plunger will often be enough to clear it, and if that fails then a specialist drain cleaning product – possibly followed by a fresh application of the plunger once it has been allowed to sit for a while – will usually do the trick. Prevention is better than cure, so keep an eye on what waste you let down the plug hole.

Washing Machine Problems

Washing machines are often not thought of as a part of the plumbing, but they most certainly need to be plumbed into your home’s water supply if they are to do their job. Like blocked toilets, problems can be more likely to happen during the summer in some households because of the summer holidays – especially if your children like to play outside, since this can mean lots of extra laundry, which in turn translates into extra work for the washing machine. if a problem is detected you should call a qualified plumber to take a look and turn off the washing machine straight away.

Gas Related Works Call For a Qualified Engineer

Any gas related concerns – Boilers, gas fires, hobs and you’ll need the services of a gas safe registered engineer for a repair. Always check the online register of gas engineers and the badge of the engineer who arrives before you let them through the door. Problems with gas powered equipment in the house can occur any time of the year, failures in hot water, gas hobs not firing aren’t a seasonal issue so always be gas safe.

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