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How To Prep Your Home and Garden For Summer

If you love to open your home to friends and family in the summer months, you may be thinking of ways you can make sure your home and garden are comfortable, accommodating spaces for both you and your guests. You’ll want to keep your cool as the temperatures soar and the evenings get longer, so follow the tips below so you, your family and potential guests can enjoy your home and garden as much as possible this summer.

Tips For Your Garden

Depending on what you want from your outdoor space, giving yourself time to prepare it for summer is essential. You may want to focus on the plants and wildlife in your garden, in which case you should consider bright and colourful summer flowers. Marigolds, Hydrangeas and Dahlias are cheerful options that will brighten up your yard. The plants you choose may need considerable upkeep, attention and care, so make sure you do your research into what sort of plants are easy to maintain if you are not a regular gardener.

Of course, you could also go down the other route and work on creating a space for entertaining. If you have a limited budget, don’t worry; there are savvy DIY ideas so you can get stuck in without spending too much. If you are buying new seating or rattan garden furniture, think practically and make sure that you shop around for the right choice, as this will likely be an investment, and you’ll keep the furniture for a number of years. If you have decking, you may want to attend to this before the summer months get into full swing. You should make sure all screws are secure, and be sure to sand down the wood and apply sealant so that the wood isn’t in a weathered condition, which won’t be pleasant for bare feet!

Tips For the Home

Your home is as important as your garden when it comes to maintenance over summer. If the summer nights get too hot, you may have to head inside to cool off, so make sure your home is prepped for the hot evenings by checking your AC system is working properly. The last thing you want is to find that your air conditioning is faulty, so look into services provided by AC repair Sienna Plantation, and you won’t be caught out. Another way to prep your home for the hotter temperatures is to make sure you’re doing all you can to stop a bug invasion. You can do this by making sure your house is efficiently sealed, and check the stripping on your doors. Spray preventative bug sprays around windows and doors as this will also deter any unwanted pests. In terms of interior features, you can brighten your living areas by opting for zesty coloured cushions and linen throws, as opposed to darker throws made of heavier materials for those winter months. Brightly coloured crockery is perfect for a BBQ, and zingy houseplants can bring nature indoors while creating a focal point in the room.

Small and subtle changes can have quite an impact in terms of giving your home a chilled summer vibe. By following the tips above, with careful consideration and some simple DIY, you can easily rejuvenate your indoor and outdoor spaces in time to bask in the summer sun with friends and family.

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