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Pros and Cons of Polyester & Cotton Couch Pillows

According to historians, the earliest records of pillows come from Mesopotamia around 7000. Egyptians used to use pillows made from stone. Wealthy Asians also used to use hard pillows made from stone, metal, wood or porcelain. There was a belief in wealthy Asians. Soft pillows could steal energy from the body. And, hard pillows could translate energy from the material to the human brain. Romans and Greeks were the first to use comfortable pillows made by stuffing straws, feathers or reeds in cloth.

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Modern accent pillows for couch are pieces of art. Modern pillows are not only comfortable but beautiful as well. Polyester and cotton are the most common fabrics used for making pillows. Here, we are presenting you the pros and cons of both fabrics. This will help you in choosing the right fabric as cotton and polyester have different physical properties. A fabric ideal in summer may not be ideal in winter.

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Polyester pillows are inexpensive than most of the other pillows. A polyester pillow provides perfect support to your head. These accent pillows for couch are available in different levels of firmness. Polyester pillows can be washed and dried in a washing machine. A polyester pillow does not require more time to dry.


Polyester is a synthetic material. This material feels hot and is uncomfortable in summer. It is less breathable than cotton. It is not ideal for individuals sensitive to chemicals. Polyester pillows have to be replaced once a year or two years.

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Cotton is 100% natural. As cotton is more breathable than polyester, it remains cool against our skin. Just throw it into the washing machine when it’s time to clean the pillow. However, there are different blends of cotton. So, read and stick to the instructions while washing and drying. Cotton pillows are ideal for people having skin sensitive to chemicals.


New cotton pillows are fluffy. However, cotton accent pillows for couch flatten out with time and become a little hard. Cotton holds moisture, a lot of moisture. So, a cotton pillow takes more time to dry as compared to a polyester pillow. Then there is the problem of shrinking. Therefore, the shape and feel of the cotton pillow changes as you wash and dry it.


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