quartz worktops

Are Quartz Worktops Worth It?

Quartz worktops are all the rage in home construction and renovation as of late. But for all its popularity with clients ranging from homeowners to business owners, you have to ask, “Are these engineered stones really worth it?”

Let’s explore the pros and cons so that we may know for ourselves if classic quartz surfaces do live up to their promise.

What are quartz worktops?

quartz worktops

These worktops are just quarried natural stone slabs. The latest versions however are engineered to produce worktops that are both beautiful and functional. Natural quartz stones are combined with resins and pigments to produce some of the most impressive worktops around.

Although it may not seem like it, classic quartz kitchen worktops are tough, even tougher than granite or marble. So in terms of life span, rest assured it will last for generations.


quartz worktops

They are non-porous, meaning they are impervious to staining.

You don’t have to worry about spills on a classic quartz kitchen worktop sink they don’t soak through, and cleaning them is a breeze. Just wipe away with a soft rag and some mild detergent.

Antibacterial properties

These engineered stone surfaces also offer great antibacterial properties. This makes them ideal for food preparation counters and just about any application where hygiene is very important.

Wide Colour Option

quartz worktops

Since these stones are engineered, a wider variety of colours are available to match your design requirements. Unlike purely natural stone where you are limited by what nature has to offer colour-wise, quartz kitchen surfaces offer a more versatile alternative.

The Drawback

But let’s take a look now at the other side of the equation. All these advantages can’t be free.

You’re right.

Classic quartz surfaces can come at a premium price. Be prepared to be a bit generous on the budget if you decide to have one installed.

The engineering advantage of these stones is also its disadvantage aesthetically. If you are going for the natural look, then this is not for you.

Additionally, they can be spotted from a mile away for its artificial aura. It lacks the natural vibe you get from natural stone worktops like granite or marble.

Finally, as tough as it may seem, care should be observed when handling hot surfaces on a classic quartz stone worktop. Trivets and hot pads are still recommended to protect the surface from hot pots and pans.

These worktops cannot handle heat as well as granite or crushed glass surfaces.  Extra care should be observed to avoid any permanent damage to the finish.


With all that being said, are classic quartz worktops worth it? The answer lies entirely with you.


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