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A Short Guide to Starting a Loft Conversion

As house prices tumble increasing numbers of people are thinking about ways of increasing the value of their own property. Converting all that space in the attic is one of the best, and most economical ways to do so, by adding another room to your house and a usable space which is one of a kind. Most people opt to convert their loft into another bedroom because the bedroom conversion makes the most sense from a financial viewpoint, increases the property value by a significant amount and can also be used for anyone in the household or as a guest room. So if you’re currently thinking of converting a loft into a new bedroom this guide from KS Contractors a building firm in Wirral will prove useful.

It’s all in the planning

Take out a torch and get into the loft and see how much junk you’ve got up there. You also have to figure out the dimensions, height, width and steepness of the slope, so take a tape measure up. Lofts with a larger slope can be converted to a bedroom much easier than smaller sloped spaces, although nothing is impossible You will also have to consider whether there is enough space for things such as fitted wardrobes or plumbing for an en-suite. Once you know how much space is up there you can draft a more detailed plan with an architect and your Wirral loft conversion can get underway.

Windows, doors and stairs

When you have a good plan of the size and shape of the room there are a few key elements that must be considered and added in. For the conversion to be considered as an extra room by valuers you will need a permanent staircase fitted ( not the temporary pull down type). Will the conversion be open plan or do you intend introducing a door and keeping it separate? Finally, windows are vital in making a dark, dinghy space into a bright and airy bedroom. Window types include skylights (velux), roof domes and sun tunnels. Pick your windows correctly for a good mix of natural light and style.

The finishing touches

When the conversion is complete it’s the finishing touches that make the space a room. Everything from paint colour to furniture. Those who have a passion for interior planning will have virtually no problems deciding on a scheme for their brand new bedroom.

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