Sideboard Buying Guide

A sideboard is one of the most versatile home furnishings available. Traditionally used in dining rooms to store cutlery, fine china, and glassware, sideboards work in vitually any space, offering a great blend of style and functionality.

Looking to buy a quality sideboard for your home? Check out the guide below for everything you need to choose a great sideboard:

Where is it Going?

As mentioned, sideboards were designed for use in dining rooms, but they’ve become so popular that they are a great addition to any room. To ensure you get a suitable sideboard, identify where you intend on placing it, as you can then look for something suitable.

For example, a sideboard for storing things in the bathroom is likely going to be smaller than one used in a bedroom, dining room, or living room. You also want to think about the room its going in to ensure it matches with the current décor.

Choosing a Style

There are various styles of sideboard available, any of which may be to your liking. For instance, a sideboard can feature cupboards, drawers, or a combination of each. Some even have open shelves and or glass doors for displaying ornaments or glassware.

Consider Size and Space

There is no point buying a sideboard if it doesn’t fit the space you want it to, so make sure you choose a suitably sized model! Sideboards come in various sizes, from low and narrow sideboards that are great for hallways to more compact sideboards that are suitable for smaller rooms.

Make sure you measure the space you intend to put it, allowing you to know what size options are available. Also, most sideboards are pre-built, so it will need to fit through doorways and other tight spaces.


The best sideboards are usually made from hardwoods, although this does increase the price somewhat. However, you should always aim to buy the best materials possible as this ensures the sideboard lasts many years to come.

Some popular materials for a sideboard include:

Pine – A soft and lightweight wood, pine is a great choice for a sideboard, offering a warm colour that seamlessly blends with most furniture. Stained pine offers a darker tone is desired, making pine a versatile material that works with most colour schemes. As a softwood it’s not as durable as other materials, although it is lighter so easier to move around.

Oak – One of the most popular hardwoods in the UK, oak is known for its strength and durability, being resistant to scratches, stains, and other markings. The natural grain is very attractive, and stained oak also offers a lovey finish. It’s a costlier hardwood but one worth paying for as it will last for years if not decades.

Mahogany – Possibly the most luxurious hardwood available, mahogany is renowned for its gorgeous colour while being very strong and durable. A stunning natural grain and deep, rich colour make it very attractive in most spaces, and it ages very well. Prices are quite high for mahogany sideboards, but the quality is almost unrivalled.

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