Why Switch to an Organic Mattress?

Are you about to buy a new mattress? Organic mattresses come with a number of benefits – read on to find out more!


A great feature of an organic mattress is they are eco-friendly. The materials used in making them are sustainable, biodegradable, and don’t carry the same impact on the environment as other synthetic mattresses.

No Chemicals

All of the products used in the development of organic mattresses are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides which make it better for your health.

Carbon Footprint

All organic mattresses help to reduce carbon footprint. As organic mattresses have a much eco-friendlier manufacturing process, you can be sure that by switching from a regular synthetic one, you are contributing to a process (and product) that cares about the environment. Your carbon footprint is reduced and so is the manufacturer’s.

The below infographic from The Sleep Judge shows the differences between organic and regular synthetic mattresses. The data might just make you change your mind the next time you’re in the market for a new mattress.

organic mattress infographic

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