The Best DIY Flower Ideas

Real flower decorations and accessories are gorgeous, but did you know that getting people to arrange all of them cost so much? It’s why some people choose the DIY path to arrange flowers. It is cheaper, and it is more fun. Plus, if you are the one planning the event, doing it yourself ensures it is exactly as you had planned it. No more arguing about how something was not done the way you directed it. Here are some tips and information to help you along the way in DIY and keep you from needing to pay more people.

Get Inspiration

Sometimes, it is hard to come up with a design. Get inspirations from the Internet and from real flower projects. Choose the ones that you think you can create. Check out tutorials and practice on ordinary flowers. Do not fret if your designs do not end up as beautiful as the ones in famous pictures. Florists arranged the flowers in those pictures with expensive pay. Keep your expectations practical and work toward only fellow DIY flowers. Coming up with a design will also be easier if you know the theme of the wedding well.


To help you with your practice, buy vases and supplies. A vase can give you more ideas on designs. You can also choose a vase that can carry any design. Remember to be careful about choosing the size of your vase. A vase that looks passable in your house might look like a pathetic dwarf in a cathedral or hotel. Your supplies will also be important. It is a must to purchase them before you get the actual flowers, and they must be complete. Your supplies will consist of scissors and tapes. They will also include pins, foam, and wires. Of course, you can’t go on without a ribbon.


Watch out for the delivery of the flowers. When you choose the company you are going to buy flowers from, do some research on how they prepare their flowers for delivery. Most flowers are delivered in some form of hibernation and arrive looking blank and ugly. Not the best flower gift ideas. These flowers require a lot of time to be hydrated, trimmed and taken care of to start looking their best. Also, choose strong flowers. Different types of flowers have different longevity and different sensitivity, so choose only flowers that can last longer to save you time and money.

Get Some Help

Arranging flowers for your family member’s or friend’s wedding may be fun, but it can be hard, and you need help. Get the help of family, friends, neighbors, and anyone to prepare and arrange the flowers faster. You can also seek the help of the soon-to-be-wed couple if they have time. The preparation and arrangements of the flowers must be planned, and all of you must stick to the schedule. Different types of arrangements must be finished at different times right before the wedding. Let everyone know about the designs and the schedule.

The Final Touch

You may have planned every step of the way in finishing the flower arrangements and have successfully finished them in perfect form, but do you know what to do next? You can’t schedule them to be finished on the day itself because it’s too risky, you might end up being late. You can finish them the day before the wedding. This means you have to store them overnight. Never store them in the fridge. The fridge will turn them into hideous plants. Store them in a cool, dark place. Plan how you will transport them to the venue. Hire a van or truck for transportation.


The reason why florists need to get paid is arranging flowers can be a difficult job. You need to have a careful plan on the design, arrangement, timing, care, and transportation of your flowers. With a little time to think and a little help from others, you can get a perfectly designed floral arrangement without the usual costs and with more originality. Make sure to choose flowers that will stick around for as long as you do, so all your hard work will pay off.

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