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Using Air Source Heat Pumps

In any property or household, the kind of heating system that is being used is very important. Not only can this play a vital role in determining the overall level of success and/or efficiency in terms of reducing energy costs, but it can also play a critical role in determining how we go about managing our properties. One such process which has becoming increasingly popular among people is known as an air-source heat pump. These form of heat pumps look to take the heat from air outside, and takes it into the house. Then, that heat can be used to heat the home, to fill up heating systems and to warm up convectors within the household to give it an extra touch of comfort and warmth for all. (Not sure what type of heat pump you need? Check out this guide on choosing the right one).

For this reason, many people are choosing to buy into these products. They offer an efficient, modern and safe way for you to ensure that your home is getting plenty of heat into it at all times. Sound like what you were hoping to get in the first place? Then this is the ideal starting point for all.

Thanks to an air source heat pump, you can begin to see genuine progress in the way that you come across. This not only makes it much more plausible that you can deliver a level of high-end heating to your home, but it also ensures that you can get a more efficient and somewhat automated system. It acts much like a fridge, in many aspects.

When the temperature drops below a certain point, your air source heat pump will take heat from air – even air as cool as -15 degrees Celsius – and extract some heat from that. The fact that these only use electricity is a fantastic starting point for those who want something a little more renewable but also something modern, efficient and reliable. These use air taken from the ground, the air and water to make sure that heat is being taken from renewable sources, ensuring that there is never any kind of lasting damage used from making the most of an air source heat pump.

So, why should you look to get such a heating instrument installed?

  • The emissions are far less powerful from this, meaning that you can get a much more environmentally friendly and fuel-safe solution to run your home on – result!
  • Also, this has NO fuel need. The “fuel” it uses is the air, so you have no need to prepare otherwise for some kind of source of energy to be used.
  • Safer and easier to install than most other forms of heat pump, meaning it can be an efficient solution for time as much as cost.
  • Some governments are running a renewable heat program, meaning that you can see major changes to the way that your heating is being used: you could even sell it back to the government!
  • With lower energy costs, you can benefit in other areas of your life as well as having a cost and time-efficient heating system to use!

Sound like what you need? Now you know exactly where to start!


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