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How Vacuuming Hardwood Floors is Different From Vacuuming Carpet Floors

There are many things involved when you want to have good housekeeping. This includes vacuum cleaners. Using the right vacuum cleaner to clean the floors of your home will effectively remove debris and junk, leaving your floor with the liveliness and beauty you admire. Different types of floors require a unique type of vacuuming for you to get the needed results.

How you vacuum clean on a hardwood floor differs from how you would do it on a carpeted floor.

1. Vacuuming your carpet

When you vacuum your carpet regularly, you improve on the air you breathe in your home, air that is free from dust and allergens.

The following are steps to take if you want to clean and keep your carpet in a desirable condition:

  • Clean your carpet in a continuous even and slow pace rather than a hurried vacuuming, so as to guarantee desirable cleaning results.
  • Reach out and vacuum clean places like crevices and corners where dirt and dust builds up.
  • Empty or replace your vacuum bag when it is ¾ full to avoid spillage.

Vacuum cleaning your carpet floor should be done at least once a week, but the frequency of cleaning will depend on the foot traffic on your carpet.

The following guidelines determine the frequency at which you vacuum clean your carpet.

  • For carpet with large traffic or areas with pets, vacuum clean daily
  • For medium traffic area, do it twice a week
  • For less traffic places, do it once a week.

Carpet vacuum cleaners come in various forms that are meant to do the cleaning job to your requirements and satisfaction.

Upright vacuum cleaners: These are fast and clean effectively. They provide the needed power to effectively clean your carpet. Most of them come with accessories that allow you to also clean upholstery and curtains too.

Canister vacuum cleaners: These types of cleaners, though costly compared to stick vacuum cleaners, provide more power and do a good cleaning job in any type of carpets and rugs. Canister vacuum cleaners are lighter than upright ones as you can carry them around while cleaning. Most of them have sound insulation that reduces noise, making it more comfortable for you to work with.

2. Vacuuming Hardwood floors

You need a vacuum cleaner which effectively cleans your hardwood floor. Most vacuum cleaners have a rotating brush that cleans deeply. Using such type of cleaners on your hardwood floor will scratch the wood surface damaging its texture. Hardwood floors require vacuums that do not come with a brush or  brush-roll off.

What to consider before you vacuum clean your hardwood floor:

  • Vacuum suction power: Effective hardwood vacuum cleaning will depend on how strong the suction power of your vacuum cleaner is. Look for a vacuum cleaner whose input power is more than 1000 watts.
  • Cleaning attachment: Most vacuum cleaners used to clean hardwood floors will come with a crevice tool. This cleaning attachment will help you reach and clean places like corners and other difficult places where your vacuum head cannot reach.
  • Using the right vacuum: Get a good vacuum capable of removing dust and dirt from cracks and crevices in your wooden floor. A canister vacuum will do this job effectively because of its high power capacity. If you are using the upright type vacuum, ensure that the rotating brush does not turn while cleaning. This is to prevent your floor from being scratched.
  • Take off your shoes: Your shoes can carry grit and dirt from outside which causes abrasion to your hardwood floor finish. Grit causes marks and scratches on your wooden floor making it look dull.

Investing on the right vacuum cleaner which adequately accomplishes your floor cleaning needs is worthwhile if you want to add beauty and liveliness to the floor of your home.

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