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Bathroom Window Sill Decorating Ideas

The most efficient way of making a house your home is adding a personal touch to the small nooks and crannies, like window sills. It’s a great way to utilize space and create a warm atmosphere.  This is particularly useful for bathrooms as there is often very little space for décor, as every surface is functional.

Window sills make an ideal accent space as is out of the way and unused. With little to no cost, you can transform your cold and clinical bathroom into an extension of your home and the unique and interesting expression of your style.

We look at four elements, that is, color, plants, curtains and storage separately, but these should be used in interesting and unique combinations to create an accent feature that compliments the rest of the space.


Painting the wall around an indented window a different, but complimentary, color draws attention to and accentuates the space. This is a great opportunity to use bold and bright colors, patterns and textures as it is a small area and won’t overpower the space.  This works well if the bathroom is white or tiled in dull colors.


Plants are a great addition to a bathroom space, particularly if they have a strong scent.  Look for plants that don’t need a significant amount of sunlight, as bathroom windows are usually small. You will also want to find plants that thrive in humid and moist environments.

Bamboo is usually a favorite and has a fun tropical paradise feel to it. Peace lilies are beautiful and add a soft touch to the room. They work great with soft blues and greens which usually used in bathrooms. They also thrive indoors and cleaning the air in the room.

While the potpourri phase in home décor has slowly faded away, it remains a great way to spice up a room. The key here would be the basket or container used. Look for something artsy and creative that will add that special touch.


Window treatments are essential in the décor of your window sill and is perhaps where you can have the most fun while designing. There are a range of different types of curtains you can find, from classic shades to café curtains and blinds. If you have a shower curtain, try matching the curtains to it, to create a well-rounded space.

Using woven textures with plants adds to the organic feel and compliments whatever the bathroom’s color scheme is.

Blinds are efficient as they are easy to open and close along with the window itself and are durable. They need not be boring either, as the finish can make all the difference to the room.

Traditional and longer curtains are great if you have a bigger space and can be a great way of incorporating different patterns, colors and textures.

If you don’t need to keep your curtains closed for privacy reasons, use a flat shade that adds accent to the room.


Window sills can be great for extra storage. Bath caddies can be used in the corners of the window sill to not only be functional but also act as an accent piece.

Be careful of using steel or materials that are sensitive to moisture as not only is the bathroom moist from steam, but as it is near a window,  there is exposure to wind, direct sunlight and salty air if you are near the sea.

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