Gilles Baudet: “Transforming Our House Into A Family Home”

family home

In 2013, Gilles Baudet and his wife Nicola bought a 100-year-old Glasgow house on Lubnaig Road on the south side of the ...

A Handyman’s Guide on How to Use a Circular Saw Safely for Your Home Renovation Projects

circular saw

Seesaws may be toys, but circular saws are not. Circular saws are a leading cause of amputation and hand injuries. ...

3 Benefits of Installing Impact Windows

impact windows

Installing impact windows is a great way to protect your property from preventable damage. Windows constructed from ...

Where to Buy the Best Sealant for Roof Leaks in the Philippines

Roof maintenance

If you are in the middle of a roof leak problem and need a quick fix to address this, then a roof sealant may be the ...

8 Remodelling Tips to Increase Your Home Resale Value

home renovation

Have you snapped up an investment property to resell for a tidy profit? Then you might want to look into remodelling ...

Use and Benefits of Ladder Hatches

loft ladder

There are two main destinations for going up a ladder hatch - the roof or your home attic. These are of course used for ...

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