The Benefits of Cable TV

Cable TV

Thanks to the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, the previously popular television format known as cable ...

Taking a look at energy saving misconceptions: How to really save money on your bills

energy saving

With the average UK household spending £1,249 per year on heating their home, it’s not surprising many households ...

Tips on becoming more self sufficient

self sufficiency

Becoming more self sufficient a growing trend in the UK at the moment. Some may call it homesteading, but ...

How to keep your secluded family get away equipped with modern necessities

secluded house

We live in a digital world. It's great to take the time to get away from it all by heading off into a secluded area, ...

Surprising ways to save energy in the home

energy saving

We all know about the common ways to save energy in the home; turning off gadgets instead of putting them onto standby ...

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