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How to Choose a Patio Door that Creates a Welcoming Entryway

If you don’t want to end up with a patio door that feels more like a wall, careful selection is essential. As your home’s “official passageway” to your outdoor space, your patio door should be a standout element in your place.

Don’t settle for a plain boring, barrier and install a high-quality patio door that complements your home’s architectural style.

To achieve a wonderful entryway to your outdoors, here’s what you should consider:

1. Design type

Always a major component when it comes to home building, design figures prominently not just in how your interiors are done, but also in how your patio door looks.

Think about door accessibility and functionality limitations as hinged, swinging or French patio doors, sliding glass, and bi-folding or bi-parting patio doors all come with corresponding aesthetic benefits.

Aside from the door type, there are still other design considerations to be made such as selecting the best patio door colour to perfectly coordinate with your home interior and exterior.

Don’t know where to start? Talk to your patio door contractor to know what design options are available for you.

2. Space

A patio door needs enough room to open (and close) so make sure to consider your furniture and wall placement before you make your final selection.

For instance, a sliding patio door may be great for homes with limited spaces while a hinged patio door exudes a more traditional look but requires more space. If your space is tight and you insist on having a double swinging or folding door, opening and closing it can become quite a hassle.

For limited spaces, you may also consider choosing a stationary panel with a sliding door or a single swinging door.

So in choosing a patio door, it’s best to focus on how you can have easy access to your outside area.

3. Energy efficiency

Similar to how you consider energy efficiency in choosing materials for your home window system, you should do the same thing when selecting your patio door.

When it comes to the door material, the following offer different benefits:

  • Vinyl – This is easy to maintain, comes in various colours, and is resistant to severe weather conditions. It is also less expensive compared to wood.
  • Wood – Wood is usually more expensive than other materials. It also requires extra maintenance but offers design flexibility and exudes a warm, more traditional vibe.
  • Aluminium – This can be the least expensive, however, it also has some disadvantages. Since it is lightweight, it can’t keep cool air or retain heat efficiently. Expect your energy costs to be higher when you opt for this material.
  • Low-E glass – This can help lower your energy bills and offers protection against UV fading.
  • Decorative tempered glass – This offers privacy and stylistic options while still allowing in natural light.

Since glass is a major component in patio door design, you may want to choose a type that gives you the most benefits.

4. Security

It’s natural to choose a patio door that has a wide doorway to have convenient access and for sweeping views of your outdoor area. However, this convenient access should also come with security. Opt for a patio door that offers the following safety benefits:

  • A high-performance multipoint locking system.
  • A unique and dual-purpose anti-lift mechanism.
  • Locking handles with a robust build quality and high grade lock cylinders.

5. Custom Upgrades

Other than the standard design of a patio door, custom upgrades allow you to add character to your door and show off your personal style.

Depending on what is available and appropriate for your chosen patio door, you can add any of the following upgrades:

  • Grid patterns
  • Screen Door
  • Blinds
  • Door hardware
  • Decorative grilles

Let the professionals take care of the rest!

Once you’ve decided on what type of patio door is perfect for your home, get a professional to install it for you.

With their expert knowledge of patio doors, you can be confident that they will get the job done correctly, without delay, mistakes, and unexpected costs.

When it comes to choosing a patio door, options abound.

But focus on what’s best for your home while considering its functionality. This will help you select the perfect patio door that will entice you to go outside and give a great open air view of your garden and yard without sacrificing quality and security.


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