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How to Create More Space in Your Home

Limited space within the home can make a person feel almost claustrophobic, especially if their family is continuing to grow in size. As a result, you might long for a bigger home that looks less cluttered and offers more freedom to move.

Thankfully, you don’t need to give up your current home to enjoy more space. If you want to feel more comfortable in your property, learn how to create more space in your home below.

Incorporate More Storage Solutions

Clutter can make your house or apartment feel smaller than necessary. If your home is full of clothing, keepsakes, and stacks of papers, you need to invest in better storage solutions.

For example, a bookcase is ideal for smaller rooms, as it can display many items without compromising on your home’s style or space. You could add stylish cabinets that reach the top of a ceiling, which is ideal for tiny bathrooms and kitchens.

Renovate Your Basement

Do you have a cold, drab basement simply going to waste in your property? Give it a new lease of life by transforming the unused space. You could renovate the space into a home office, theatre, bar, bathroom, or guest bedroom. You can learn more about basement finishing cost with CMH Builders, Inc.

Play with Lighting

The right lighting can make a home appear much larger than it actually is. Natural light is often the best way to create a sense of space, so open up your curtains, clean your windows, or add additional windows into your property. You should also introduce both low and high lighting systems, which can emit light from various angles and at different intensities to create an illusion of more space.

Add Larger Decorative Accessories

Many homeowners opt for small decorative accessories believing they will complement a tiny room. However, it is believed accents that are smaller than the size of a melon will only crowd a room. So, say goodbye to many smaller home accessories and incorporate a few larger accents into your interior design. You can trust it will make your home appear less cluttered and much bigger in size.

Choose Bigger Furniture

The same rule applies to your furniture. It’s common for homeowners to choose multiple small furniture items, as they might believe it can make a room feel much larger. However, adding one large couch over two small sofas can make your interior appear less cluttered.

Use Stripes to Elongate Space

Vertical stripes can elongate a space, as they will make the eye travel across the length of a room. For example, a striped rug will make a floor appear roomy and spacious. You should also orient the stripes to follow the longest length of a room for an optimal effect. Also, hang striped wallpaper to create the illusion of taller ceilings.

Knock Down an Internal Wall

If you want to create a more open-plan living space, consider knocking down an internal wall to add more light and floor space to your home. For example, you could join up your kitchen to your dining room, or your living room with your dining room. However, you may need to receive planning permission before you tear down any walls.

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