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Gardening Tips for Men – a Beginner’s Guide


Don’t Throw Things Away

The first thing people learn when they start gardening is that everything has a use – nothing should just be thrown away out of hand. Gardening is a man’s world, and it is one which has a place for everything in it. Rather than simply offloading that old barrel you found in the garden when you first came into it, keep it, and use it to make bonfires, either for your family when they come for Sunday lunch al fresco, or for yourself when you want some toasted marshmallows.

Don’t Plan

Try not to make too many plans. The maxim that God laughs at your plans is never more true than in gardening, so beyond planning where things are going to go and when, try not to take too much on board. When you have proven that you can grow things, and that the soil is good, then you can perhaps try and plan a little more, but trying to keep everything down to the letter when nature is involved is an exercise in futility. Just plants seeds, take care of them, and see what happens then.

Don’t go for Anything too Complicated

Especially when just starting out, try not to take on anything too complicated. Easy seeds and easy plants is the way to go, just so you can get the hang of everything that is involved in gardening. Use your coupon code to get hold of some of the more basic tools if you don’t have them already, and just have fun with it. Remember that there are plenty of ways to find advice if you need it, from other gardeners, to books, to the internet and the various communities on there. Take it easy and learn.

Don’t Forget to Document

Following on from that last point, take pictures, and write about your growing plants. Start a blog or an Instagram page, if that takes your fancy. Not only will this let you see in a very tangible way just how your garden is growing (and give you a good record for how planting seasons have done), it will also help you to find a community online, as people will flock to your pictures and start sharing their own. Use this new community to gain knowledge, swap stories, and generally to share the good time you have when gardening.

Don’t Grow what’s Readily Available

Don’t grow what you can easily buy in shops – grow what is rarely there, or which is expensive to buy. Any fruit or vegetable which you like, but which expense forces you to forgo more often than not will fit here. This can vary depending on where you stay, of course, but generally speaking you can work out what is cheap and what isn’t very easily (if you don’t know already). You will have a steady supply of these fruits or vegetables without needing to buy them, and you will also be able to share.

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