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Let’s take a look at the new Vaillant ecoFit Pure Range

If you’re looking over this blog your most likely considering the new range of boilers from Vaillant.

The Vaillant range of boilers has been amongst the most popular in the UK for many a year now. If you’ve updated a boiler in the past 10 years or so you’ll have come across Vaillant for certain, most engineers who offer a gas installation service such as the guest author of this blog post, a renowned Liverpool heating engineer know the brand and how much influence Vaillant have on the development of new technology.

There is also the fact it is German and like all their manufacturing it truly is synonymous with quality and reliability. Whilst German Manufactured, the boilers are assembled in the UK, and the UK production line is one of the best in the Vaillant Group of companies.

With such characteristics behind the brand, new ranges are inevitable and the ecofit Pure range promises an easy installation and is very compact. Affordability and energy efficiency is high up there for homeowners in the UK and the Vaillant ranges always deliver.

The New ecoFit Pure range

So the new range from Vaillant seems to have opened up a totally new avenue not only for the people wanting a newer, more efficient system, but also for the engineers who provide the installations.

The ecoFIT is small and compact and cupboard fit, as well as light weight and easy to install. It also includes a really clear LED display to show what’s happening with the boiler in operation and faults when there is any.

The Ecofit Pure is also available in the most popular ranges so is suited to virtually all properties either as a combi boiler, conventional or a system installation.

Moreover it can facilitate a rear outlet flue kit which was previously a key attribute of the old technology Vaillant and many of its competitors like the Potterton Netaheat, Profile and Glow-worm Swiftflow and Compact models along with the well known Saunier Duval boilers like the Thema and Thelia.

In all blog posts that we produce here at Regain Heating Solutions we often look at how it fits into our customer base and what our customers want. The ecoFIT Pure is perfect for Regain customers as it ticks all the check lists and offers our customers the best possible deal on quality reliable products. So Vaillant have done a great job and should you would like more information on this range or you have another boiler in mind then give us a call or see our website for more information on replacement boilers in Liverpool.

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